September, 2001

 art in technologies 3030 / 5030





1 & 2

2 3

4 ait begins

meet in VK131 Go over text, syllabus,

class list & intro to limited software;

announce class meeting for Thurs;

be sure to get a ZIP disk & floppy by next week

5 6 meet in Library 175 AV equipment is available for checkout w/your ID ; pickup VHS projector & go to Library 409 view brief tape; preview of this room for streaming projects 7 8
9 10

11 meet in VK25 Karl Oman demos object device;

tryout tripod

know how to use the digital still camera


13LAB DAY GETTING STARTED*work on headstart root folder; sound projects, Quicktime Authoring SAtudio--BEGIN w/

know how to use the digital still camera & load into the MAC

indiv. meetings

14 15
16 17

18 LAB DAY GETTING STARTED Allocate your time and cont. tutorial

for QuicktimeVR Authoring Studio

consider your new linked or continuing web pages

class partners check out Mavica from AV and reserve tripod,

reserve for future use and/or check out digital camera or tripd from Karl koman

indiv. meetings


20 LAB DAY GETTING STARTEDpanarama movies

DO-QuicktimeVR Authoring Studio-tutorial

three new linked or continuing web pages

indiv. meetings

21 22




root folder

Text key word(s) multimedia/objective/theme

Workshops: (Mavica) digital still & web-imported images saved in Root folder

Import images from web/saved/gifconverter/simple text/scanner?


25 Lab day indiv. meetings:direction finding

panarama movies

DO-QuicktimeVR Authoring Studio-tutorial

think about new linked or continuing your web pages

26  27 Lab day indiv. meetings cont. experimentation: SOUNDS, IMAGES & WEBPAGES 28   29


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