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international realtime sound sources consortium


etherjukebox menu/ dialup / realtime processing etherjukebox menu item resources in progress


Virtual Forest Initiative (sharing data outside the scientific community? (data-to-sound):


Leif Brush: (Windribbon) (9 gauge, 200 foot, galvanized steel strand-7,345K-)

(LB plays Windribbon-1,567K-)

(Terrain Instruments-10,636K-)

Atle Pakusch Gunderson: (fjord transport wires )


Gregory Green and Simon Herbert:("...a new identity for the coming millennium.") 







"The Future of Audio Is Now!"

TheSound Processing Server (SPS) is a DSP engine (Digital Signal Processing in realtime); is based on the Renderson Sound Description Language; runs on DEC, HP, IBM, SGI and SUN servers, and can be remotely accessed and utilized from client PCs, Macs and Unix systems. Copyright © 1996 Sound Objects, Inc. All rights reserved.



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