Dew Line radar network Baffin Island

I called an SAIC news conference and announced my BAFFINLAND conceptual three-hexagram project in a blackboard chalktalk (image). Major projects were outlined: Using 3 colored lasers, tracery drawings were to outlines hexagrams on cloud bottoms. This skydrawing was also to include a serif-font spelling of the word nasturtium. (linklitho) The main endeavor was the construction of lighter-than-air hexagrams. I also asked for volunteers to commit to this unknown experience. (A personal direction-finding stint and, we possibly will be at the mercy of the prevailing winds on the north-bound portion of our trip.) Our endeavor was to launch w/three hexagrams from my sister's Gridley, Illinois hometown. All the gear, equipment and inflation was given by international art consortium. Plastic cone speakers in 2-foot spacing grids lined the bottom of the inflatable hexagrams , and mikes were placed along side each speaker grid.

The first day at the Gridley site, we achieved ambient layer recordings from 25 to 300 feet. Patching, repairs to the main lifting envelope and the unexpected departure of some people delayed the northbound journey by a week. We eventually buoyed and steered by winds in the direction of Chicago.

Baffinland satellite view:

The first arriving hexagram hovers about five thousand feet above Baffin Island testing the coloration induced by us to highlight intermixed green-colored clouds and the south-bound cold front was colored red. (The more dense clouds remain white puffs and resisted organic dyes.)

My litho was to have a satellite imaging perspective showing the clouds and the advancing red cold front in relation to the frozen ground below. From this view I could see polar bear and the ice breaking loose from the Foxe Basin on the western side in Foxe Basin. ( my actual physical walks upon this terrain happened during a visit here while in the Army of theUnited States and occured in July-August, 1955 The LSD, USS LINDENWALD lay at anchor in the bay, etc. picts)

Conceptual color Lithograph on Arches paper, 1968

( I solicited funds to help me pay for the paper used in the printing of this BAFFINLAND SERIES. Those who gave were offered copies of all my lithos.)


ABOVE: detail of translucent white-colored hexagram & green-colored clouds.