Commemorating Gloria DeFilipps, 22 and Leif Brush, 37 on their May 26, 1969 sound performance: Sunday as Monday in Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art (Following the Franze Kline exhibition in the main lst floor gallery of the Museum on Ontario Street, Chicago.)

May 26, 1998 the Museum moved into their new building.

 A thousand watt clear glass light bulb- given to us by friend Bob Meyer- illuminted the entire performance.

International shortwave radio station CHU Canada quietly accentuated the time with softly spoken minute checks voiced throughout the performance.

Two independent areas were set up: This first image shows the main wall and first site. On the right is one of two large mirrors. Its back faces you and was aimed toward a 2nd mirrow to the left positioned near the edge of the corner wall. (Both angled mirrors faced each other. ) The second site was out of sight in the darkened corner and well below the corner to the left.

The entire periphery was ringed with a continuous stream of waist high brown corrugated cardboard. People were divided into two bunches and given a gift and instructed to stand or sit in particular places. Those in the recessed 2nd area could only see what was transmitted around the corner via the mirror system.

Voices, music and the time announcements were heard by everyone, however, only the group facing the wall below could hear voices more directly.

As expected, the group around the corner rushed to join the proceedings very early in the performance. The uniting was acknowledged by all those present in the museum.

All the photographs were taken by Roger Malloch, Magnum, NYC