Leif Brush 1964-1969: analog snowflake identities smile measuring device cortextual memory resources soundsculpture; sense of smell


L: Gloria DeFilipps Brush excerpt, 1975; R: Hexagram (red near top) descends black clouds toward an altitude of 5K feet above Baffin Island

1/16th by 1/4 mile 16 and 22 gauge stainless steel strands cris-cross and sag over strawberry field in Paw Paw Michigan US 1968-1969

e.g. ...




--Telecopier facsimilie imaging


site at OXBOW, Saugatuck, Michigan

Contextual view from the Oxbow Inn's WIDOW'S LOOKOUT looking west toward the Buckminster Fuller Geodesic half-Dome. (Up to the 1900s boats could be seen on the distant lagoon from this vantage.)

Beneath the dome with Seton Coggeshall, I was discussing my plans to broadcast reflected sound from a tape recorder. This was to be placed with its speaker pointed upward some distance above the dirt floor and near the focal point of parabola. With a second recorder I taped from nearby and distant positions. The recordings were a full variety of voice and sounds which spilled and meandered out from under the edge. Much of the sound became embedded in the dry dirt below and from the farthest distance only the higher frequencies could be heard sounding sparsely and intermittently bird-like and metalic.



potential listening details: car tires and walks upon pulverized dirt and gravel road, colliding floral boundaries, bushes rustling and whooshing grasses, monitorable in mid-July as a "realtime playing of the landscape" for FM radio broadcast

An overcast view of a mile long gravel road which was our choice to do a brief summer testing set up for a natural playing site near South Haven Michigan US- and our target audience was to be reached via conceived Generation Input REDOT radio stations. Battery operated FM wireless mics and antennas were positioned on a small tree branches approx 20 feet from the next and/or previous one. Above, Leif walks along and locked onto the strongest signal from a north side gully. He receives the sound and directly re-transmited it on a different channel to Seton (r). We are determining the optimum signal strength of each between adjacent frequencies. If there was excessive signal overlap, a transmitter would be moved in either parallel direction. Ideally the opposite gully would be similarly fit with staggered and non-interferring frequencies among all those used on the US, FM band. One prototypical project was to market a car receiver box having receiving/multiplexingr/demultiplexing accuracy, sufficient memory and which would allow a driver to hear this event in realtime- at least if only in "playback" mode- as they drove onwards return to your place

Sound inputs were FM transmissions and recordings were input a Norelco cassette SITE: South Haven Michigan US, with assistance from Seton Coggeshall and Gloria Brush




Detail of mirror and ruler (under PULL & shown in below image) for measuring smile.(Sonderkommando des Spiegels und des Tabellierprogramms für das Lächelnmessen.)


reverse side of S M D

I've enjoyed bodily sensations where I sense a smile welling upwards.
As freelance AM radio reporter in Chicago, I remember a potential 50s on-the-fly interview opportunity-that went no where. Waiting with others beneath an expansive canopied entrance to a near north side apartment, we became alerted that the expected politicians approached. Former president Harry Truman and aspiring presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson (former Illinois Governor) zipped towards the entrance between newspaper and reporters pencils in hand and hand held microphones. My transistorized Dictet recorder being activated, I kept pace, locking onto the eyes of the former Governor, enthusiastically recounting his testy assertion at a recent UN meeting in New York directed at Ambassor Zorin: "...that the U.S.S.R. had placed medium and intermediate-range missiles and sites in Cuba." Zorin replied with gusto: "You will have your answer in due course." Stevenson's final words brought about smiles and laughter in the chamber with: "I am prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over." (great laughter and chuckles came from the assembled audience). My words followed: 'That smile remains on your face.' Replying to me, Stevenson said "print it" and both men closed the door behind themselves immediately. I came away realizing that I had witnessed an array of their smile versions as they hurried across our faces toward their caucus meeting. Adlai was defeated by former WorldWarII European Allied Commander General Eisenhower.

Smiles could be lit, a scratch pad could be used for metric conversions, the fan could be activated to blow away a steamy mirror, and toilet paper was available for whatever the fan couldn't erase. The fidget switches and devices triggered the sounds from a runaway radio dial. Theater lights ringed the construction. The O housing the mirror was a red letter O that had fallen from the Chicago Theatre on State Street. I picked it up while waiting for my westbound CTA bus after leaving night school.



Concept:That idea of amplifying body parts remains a challenge, coincides with being in pro and accompanying internal bodily listening, externally caused inward vibrations via the ears or skeleton and with all back-dropped w/ my choice of natural quietness.

1987 AP Photograph from Science News

Your head would be held rigid momentarily as three strain gauges (arrows) are attached to the chin and both lips. Muscle movements produce analog voltages which are commensurate with any of your facial movements and the results include a sounding smile and resulant sonifications. Most people can sense a smile permeating the body onthrough to its joyous moment when lips separate and your mouth widens.return home





AT&T ( sound sculpture construction series)

(Arbeitendes analoges Telefon DES BÜRSTE KASTEN-Telefons (stichhaltige Skulptur)

Working analog telephone used a former wooden paint box.

Adieu painting

In 1967/68 I shared a room in a low rent apartment of the far west side of the Chicago Loop. This "workbench/table" was suspended on four small wood legs above my bed. This soap collection was accumulated over about a years time from stores in the area as I meandered to and fro from SAIC via a CTA bus. The room was dry at the time I took this photo and as such I could not take in deep sniffs as this would cause me to sneeze. My foray was successful by moving/relocating among the soaps and inhaling small quick nose sniffs. Some odors did overlap in short term memory and others became wiped a/or erased as I later sniffed the same or similar ones. I was anticipating a chain sensation; however to do this, I had to re-imprint an odor into my nostrils and proceed after clearing my nostrils.((collage of items including a favorite: Miller HIGH life in keg-lined cans, w/et cetera))


less water, more beer!

Sculpture courtyard south of SAIC building

M Ldetail of recorder above right

M= Marvin Thomas created an endless soundwork-at my direction-and he agreed to do this performance for $10./hr
Subtitled: garbage ((keg-lined beer cans collected for sale as scrap w/every can was piled into the container, spilled over, collected and tossed on top ad infinitum))

Students and faculty were Marvins audience. L= A brown-painted plastic curtain "door" seperated me and Marvin who created a recycled sound convusion from filling, dumping and refilling the aluminum and tin, keg-lined cans. I randomly matched previously recorded sounds of the tin cans bouncing on an interior (echo-laden) concrete floor. Using the reel-to-reel recorder, I could fast forward and/or rewind to remembered sections on the Wollensak, reel-to-reel 1/4" tape recorder (over my head).




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