ARTFORUM,: C. L. Morrison writes about Leif BRUSH passing sound around over short distances "Course Heros" (C)

: terrestrial Draft Monitors c.72-02 The tuned and sensed wires of the are susceptible to drafts up to pre-storm gusts. (Flies travel at their own risk through these potentially hazardous strands, however, there usually are no fly problems on dry, clear and breezy days.)

mono configuration w/Frap transducerUpon entering the pre-amp, the combined signals are fed into an audio amplifier. With a house that has extra windows it is an intercepted realtime multiple sound source. Des Moines Register photographconstruction, 1974-1975

last image of Draft Monitor in Duluth before it was recycled, 2002


Draft monitor stereo versionand details showing stainless pigtails held taut by stainless steel wires from a Webcor-Chicago wire recorder. As you can see, they approach being less than hair diameter.

solar/DC power supply ((top & bottom of RCA ins/outs DRAFT MONITOR v3 control enclosure))return home




in progress

fast forward 1:

front doors faced S. and were one of two entrances

I 169 Rest Stop, Milaca from N.rear view (note a N.E. faceing parabola on top left corner; there was one at each cardinal point or near roof)

three dedication plaques above have one reader's attention

fast forward 2 parabola '06

Milaca roof parabola aimed S. W. Following a look se by the former business Sharper Image , this version was not accepted because they wanted it to be retrofitable and be placed into all sorts of window formats.

Minnesota highway commission version with the preferred solar panel and storage battery was in the basement. (Because of its remore Route 169 location, it was later destroyed by vandals.) The two part speaker system in the lobby offered visitors options. Standing passively below the ceiling speakers you could hear mixed sounds from all the trees. An interactive speaker was hung on a lobby wall and with the aid of instructions hanging nearby you could call up -activate- available soundings from three originating sources, The third one would have been the atmospheric PAM construction and was to have been located centrally on the roof. Objections were raised during the mid process and it was decided to cancel this commision aspect. Lightning strikes were cited; however, there were myriad reasons stated and of course this was a major blow. Rouning out specifics, the vibrational sound monitoring from the stainless steel strands in the solar-powered draft monitror- above with a 1 inch copper frame- could also be mixed with the other parabolas "straight line of sight sound collections" in which anything falling within their focalized listening pathway, or from the trees, could be be listened to. A total of four parabolas were used with each faceing in a N. S. E or W. -or cardinal point. Inside, a master control received all sounds from sensors placed on braches in the trees and elsewhere

self broadcasting trees surrounding rest stop had identical capabilities: used solar-powered FM transmission - on seperate channels- where each location was received by master control in the room behind main lobby

interactive contril panel and walled speakers (L) main loby with speaker on wall (C) north south east and west ceiling speakers (R)

discontinued PAM follows return home

D=original Draft Monitor; I=Insect Broadcasting System studio; R=REDOT Generation Input paraboa reflecting passalong & amplified audio between participating ant hils on the front lawn in Coralville Iowa US

Preamp to transmitter is top right.A sugar and honey path between several hills connected similar studios whose outputs were wired to FM transmitters and each broadcast a distinct pair of spatial channels. Sensor-contacted membrane floors were covered with a intermittent path of honey leading to/from entrance/exit. The studio shows a clear plastic oval window on its roof.ret


attached to trees at opposite sides of the our lawn passed directly over the garden

Posed photographs, vertical and sunflowers-as-headphones at the request of the Des Moines Register Iowa photographer.tudio sh

(1974 recorded crickets were played back over this area as the 1975 insects were sounding in late August)



fr/twenty foot aluminum spiral/metal plate suspended from a tree

seeking isolated raindrop as trigerer (results: flat, splattered & "tear drops")


On the outside, a guyed rectilinear jute frame was suspended from a horizontal tree branch with the end being anchored to the ground. Beeswax adhered Shadow sensors on this "pigs tail" below the plate. The spirals potential resonance was diminished by 2 inch balsam wooden dowels placed inline as dampers before and immediately after the plate. Drops which passed through the hole could be identified as dampened thuds which lacked the prolonged ringing that you'd expect to hear if longer portions of the coil were sounded.



Monitoring was done during selected windy/calm periods throughout this summer. Like parabolas were poisitioned about 35 feet off the groung and both looked at each other over our 1926 house. Wearing Mono headphones I received output in realtime from a DC amplifier which was input from a sock-shielded RCA Dynamic microphone SK-B. It was atop a 20 foot bamboo pole, was portable and used on our 2nd floor veranda in order to intercept the perturbed audio between these opposing parabolas. It was/is challenging and worthy of a permanent infinity transmitter installation for telco dialup. 2-4 AM was the best, with the quietest ambience, and I did hear some things passing through this pathway. return to your place

Proposed (and not built), 1974

drawing Steel farm tractor seat is attached to a flat spring(y) steel bar. One inch steel plates are attached to in-ground concrete bases. The tie-down of these varying gauges of stainless steel strands was to be X distance and ending secured to and in-ground eye bolt.

Spread out over the browning thick grass btwn the barn and our Coralville Iowa house- in Late August 1972- are tests of one of the five 1/4 inch deep magnesium discs. (Wooden shingles and a metal vent of the barn may be seen reflected in both.) This hardware's potential as to its resonance, vibrational and decay potentials are at hand, and small objects- metalic, pebbles and Oak leaves- are dropped, dragged and skipped over the glassy surface. Beneath these sounder probes lies a very hard epoxy resin layer of Mylar sealing in the brown iron-oxide material. It's a similar fusing process used in the coating of reel-to-reel audio recording tape. What happens on these archives will attest visually and audibly to their use against the elements and from human intercession which usually affected on the spot interventions throughout their otherwise passive status as the latest Terrain Instruments: Sound Signal Discs. They'll be multiple rain drop recipients and some of whom will spend upcoming years suspended directly beneath Duluth tree canopies and will be expected to catch select fat drops from overly burdened rain-heavy leaves.




































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