passaroundsound.netLeif Brush

908 9th Avenue, Coralville, Iowa, 1975

Earl Eldridge from WMT-TV Cedar Rapids, Iowa filmed an interview concerning my plans for a RiverHarps to span the river which flowed through the University of Iowa-Iowa City. We discussed plans and prospects. Helio Costa from the Brazilian GLOBO Network also did an interview at this time. A feasability study was granted to me by the Graduate School and was endorsed by the music, computer, engineering and science departments. The art and Hancher music buildings faced a portion of the river. The art departments support never materialized. Hieronymus Bosch scholar Charles D. Cuttler didn't even consider such a concept (the two structures planned for opposite banks of the river were referred to by me as the Bosch-Brush Project).

On the right, behind Earl, is my Cricket and Cicada Monitor sounding block with thin to very thin galvanized steel strands stretched across to an opposite tree anchor. A NEA Project Grant from Nancy Hanks allowed me to own a Nagra 4.2 L recorder and for the first time I was able to actually hear on tape what my ear heard - without noise of any kind. 30 IPS full track on 1/4 inch tape made this possible. The machine is under the white papers. My mixer is on the table with a covered reel-to-reel black and white video recorder. The 16mm film camera produced footage which was processed in time for the 6PM News: "This man in Coralville does what?"