Leif Brushpassaroundsound.net the computer rings the telephone; assisting memories; Philadephia installation; the telephone grows up; Lake Baikal sends distress signal via satellite

After 1986, the Terrain Instruments are all down at this time. That they existed in physical form since they were conceived in 1964 is attested to mainly via Gloria and my memories -and- presently reside in digital form from analog tapes, videos or as Gloria photographed documentations. Their levitating existence began appearing on this Internet I around the mid 90s.

In 1983, I had taken a Polaroid SX-70 photograph () of a pair of Northern Cardinals when they appeared before me in a west window. Later, this image showed up in our morning newspaper. Not a surprisingly though, but did arrive after we had forgotten its having been taken and written about.

Photographed in our backyard-Duluth Minnesota US- in early April by News-Tribune's Josh Meltzer (?). Candace Renalls conveived and wrote the accompanying article (?).


/August 1, 1987

performance in two parts: slides of Terrain Instruments / projected videos / spatial modulated laser soundings / twice-imported sun via front surface mirrorings / assisted memories

underground waterproof speakers

indoors (gif)

Daytime and nighttime installation views

Above, an example of a stretch of the foot patchway from the performance space to the fare end on the space where a fire pit had been dug. These five inch parallel and buried speakers had overhead parallel tracks with similar attached speakers. These were recycled from the 1980 Loring Park satellite Chorography Performance in Minneapolis, ((the diaphrams were paper coned speakers and were sprayed with SCOTCH GUARD (r)) Each had a protective metal grilles.


All were monitored and controlled inside the studio from this "Lightning" device. --recycled version

--Speakered "trolley" wires leading from the studio paralleling the overhead path .

Overhead speakers and the yet-to-be-buried speakers.

Speakers snake between nearby trees and shrubs towards the out of sight.

*this moonless midnight performance concluded from this pit with an amplified explosive (w/fire crackers) underground fire. When it was bulldozed oped during the afternoon no one knew that we were within four feet of a natural gas pipeline.












(Robert Ashley drops by)













1999 Cellphones and Telcos: The FCC' ruled that phone companies will have to equip their cellular towers to allow court-authorized traces on cellular phone calls and to equip their services so that wiretaps can be made of conference calls; The Finally Earns its Keep , Minneapolis Institue of Arts, 1989-- Performance::slide projections / imported quad-source sound from Duluth Terrain Instruments and trees / electronics

The modified telephone was used to bring punched-up Duluth soundsources into the auditorium using this modified keypad. A t1 telephone line and satellite interconnection was set up between the Duluth Terrain Instruments and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The overall sound process was controlled via a modified telephone and mixing colsole. The imported sounds were amplified in the auditorium from this KSJN ((StPaul Minn)) satellite downlink. Slide imaging of clouds intermixed with topological satellite-scans and the Duluth Terrain Instruments were projected on the walls and provided resources in great scale for the eyes to accompany the naturally-monitored, spatially big sounds.

DIALTONE 2telephones












Lake Baikal (context) of interactive(motion-sensing) sound installation, **Disorienting & encircling two-way sound cycled lake Baikal from floor model- w/endless cycles in opposing circles of soundings from five Terrain Instrument mobius cassette/players** Tweed Museum, Duluth

Detail of Lake Baikal(satellite dish beams distress calls & ongoing data from the dried lake bottom)