Hugh Davies

Hugh Davies, leif BRUSH citation (P. 506, P. 507) pdfs


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Sound/construction installation: casting votes directly in city, county, state and national elections.

The notebook on the side table, in addition to note-taking pages, also held a soft telco keypad which had direct satellite connections to oncall natural-sourced soundings and these would rain down- via directional speakers- fr/atop the deck chair. The black cable on the floor to the lower right allowed listenable options throughout the contemplative

voting experience.


construction, installation, lights, microphone, thermal touch pads and interactive vote-confirmation sounds- per entry

(adieu analog commemorative)

Verification and submit control details


Voice (mic), left (L) and right (R) hand prints are to be used as ID input to reginal data node.


Analog console details: Alphanumeric analog switches are provided for voting with toggle switches.

H/S: For instance, in the U.S. House or Senate (B#=Bill HR262, which asks that food products that are grown on sludge-treated lands be labled. (Sludge, or biosolids, is the solid material in waste water produced from human excrement, hospital wastes, industrial wastes and contaminents from city street run-off).


A Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago publication edited by Lynne Warren

Brush, Lief, p.121 pdf

sound shards: chicago's sonic arts by John Corbett

Museum of Contemporary Art, windy city

"Lief Brush, who was married during a sound performance at MCA in 1969, actively investigated sound installations as a student at SAIC..."

>>Chicago and vicinity (N. Halstead St) 1969<<<

Photograph from Gloria DeFilipps Brush

Longhall Productions ((Custer's Last Stand or the Lone Ranger Rides again))-- producer Seton Coggeshall and co-producer George Longfish (right) with soundman leif BRUSH w/coffee cup


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Larry Dech photograph (l.Sonoran Desert) Cardinalis LB's SFB Morse code soundmark