JULY 02 ROADSIDERADIO (radioroads)

Concept and sketch: real time sound "tracks" accompany radioroads imagery-from pavement edge outward to infinity-and provide year round on call sound service to motorist QUADFM radios. Recalling a Spike Jones-style mid-1940s version of "Celery Stalks along the High-WAY as a 78 RPM record played on request over WJBC, Normal-Bloomington, Illinois which I listened to w/my Golden Throat portable (pic).

The solar powered transmitters in the I 35 median and spaced along both sides of the interstate are staggered in order to minimize any overlapping of frequencies. A satellite locks onto the vehicle when using a GPS receiver. This may be checked out and returned to gas stations anywhere along your I 35 route. W/1997 update: Email messaging applies, and be sure to have your confirmed email printout when you apply to pick up a gps unit.

W/1999, 2000 update: any current may be accessed.

Sounds also may be pre-programmed through a telephone calling cue before and for the duration of a drive --referenced to the Roadside Radio menu and ETA at a mile marker-- and be transmitted to your QUADFM radio.

Sanna's MPEGvideo

Borrowed hardware, including a solar panel and dish are to be positioned on the car roof with plastic-coated magnets, and combined with this keyboard, are to be used to uplink a driver's/passenger's instructions.

(A 1980s student at UMD, Joel Ness gave me this Sinclair micro on permanent loan. Remember the Speak&Spell/Math variations, Pac Man & Woman?) return to WRPASv3_1