3/03 (GELÄNDECInstrumente (c) Leif-Bürste 1975 terrain instruments organized


Terrain Instruments: a tree, an ice floe, human made objects for listening to and the overhearing of vibrations stirred by wind, ice/water movements and other natural vibrational phenomena: "global's artifacts".

Overall, Terrain Instrument sensors coupled with solar-powered electronic preamps are my preference for the unheard vibrations which are possible with these and similarly constructed parts. I concentrate on sounds which come directly from natural sources (e.g.,winds, ice floes).

LORING PARK MINNEAPOLIS passaroundsound.net (Duluth-StPaul-Duluth via Westsar IV satellite)


This magnesium '50s computer disc was recycled as the Signal Disc v 1 and monitored rain drops that were filtered by the overhead tree canopy. and employed as triggers of additional TIs; windribbon detail. Signal Disc v 3.1

 terrestrial selfbroadcasting TIs: trees, details

Terrestrial Whistlers w/stainless steel pigtails (l) & Single Rain Drop Monitor/electronic Triggerer installed in a cottonwood tree (the solar panel and FM transmitter are not shown as they were elsewhere on this same south-faceing trunk


realtime ROADSIDERADIO for solar-electric cars 2-way between Hinckley and Duluth Minnesota usa (infinity terrain broadcasting (to car radio) w/quad sound synced along adjacent and viewable I-35 vistas; shows details of solar panel and FM transmitter. & solar panel w/FM transmitter installed mid-Birch tree

realtime Satellite 2-way between the Hudson River Museum (via WNYC) and Duluth Terrain Instrument(s) --shows the TREESWAY site/ w/Richard Paske and Nancy Ruppenthal and uplinked via KSJN St Paul Minnesota; right is detail of the sounding block that was used during the interactive performance