Social and Developmental History

School Social Work

Dr. Lynn Bye

September 23, 2002

Sue Hendricks












Social and Developmental History

Date of Interview:        September 23, 2000

Person Interviewed:     Spring Doe


Client Name:                  Summer Doe

Date of Birth:                 November 23, 1990

Address:                         123 Angel Drive

                                          Miracle, WI  12345       

Phone:                 (222) 222-2222

Mother’s Name:          Spring Doe

Date of Birth:                 January 1, 1965

Father’s Name:            Winter Doe

Date of Birth:                 January 1, 1964

Sibling(s):                       Autumn Doe

Date of Birth:                 January 1, 1986

Presenting Situation/History

Summer Doe is a 12-year-old Caucasian female who is currently in the sixth (6) grade at Good Times Middle School.  She lives with her mother, Spring Doe.  Her sister, Autumn Doe, lives with their father, Winter Doe.  Winter and Spring have been divorced for two years.   Autumn is a 16-year-old Caucasian female who is currently in the eleventh (11) grade at Good Times High School.  Autumn and Summer have limited, inconsistent contact with each other.  Spring Doe reported the she and Winter have a very strained relationship and have poor communication in regards to their children.

Reason for Referral

Summer was referred to me today because of a recent history of aggressive acting out in the classroom.  According to her teacher Emma Smith, Summer’s behaviors have begun to deteriorate since the second week of school.  Summer has a hard time staying on task, appears to be very tired, and has even fallen asleep in class on two different occasions.  Summer has a difficult time with her peers.  She is often aggressive with them when she does not get her way.  An example of this behavior was evident three days ago.  Summer and her classmates were in gym class.  The exercise for the day was to play volleyball against each other.  Summer wanted to be on her friend Blizzard Johnson’s team.  This did not happen due to Blizzard choosing other peers instead.  Summer became very upset, took the volleyball, and threw it as hard as she could at Blizzard.  The result of this act was Blizzard receiving a bloody nose and Summer receiving two days of out of school suspension.  Summer tried to minimize her actions and blamed Blizzard for her anger. 

              Summer has also been caught stealing from another student.  She has taken small items such as pens, pencils, and hall passes.  When confronted about her actions, Summer became very apologetic and teary-eyed.  Summer explained that she needed these items and her mother was not able to buy them for her.

              Summer is also teased a great deal by her classmates.  Summer is fairly overweight and is the brunt of many jokes.  Summer tends to act very inappropriately in order to gain attention in the classroom.  She will make shocking comments such as, “I am going to kill myself today,” “I got drunk last night,” and “My mom is going to prison.”  She vacillates between anger and depression within minutes. 

              Summer has been in the Good Times School District for only two years.  Before this time she attended Solar Public School where her behaviors were very serious toward the end of the fourth grade.  Summer would hide in the bathroom and refuse to come out.  She had a history of urinating while sitting in the classroom.  She was suspended on two occasions for smearing her feces all over the bathroom walls.  She was caught stealing numerous times in the Heaven School.  Summer was receiving special educational services through Heaven School.  Her Individual Education Plan was replicated when she transferred to Good Times School District.

              The Heaven School District was unsuccessful in lessening the behaviors of Summer Doe.  Attempts to engage her parents were met with frustration and lack of follow through.  Summer did not have any friends while attending Heaven Public School.  She was suspended three times for battery to a classmate, which were referred and handled through Social Services.  Summer had explosive episodes in which she would physically attack her classmates.  Her classmates were afraid of her and the parents of her classmates made numerous complaints about Summer’s behaviors.

              Summer’s transition into the Good Times School District went rather smoothly.  The teachers reported that Summer appeared to be happy and even had made a few friends.  They did not report any angry outbursts and stated that Summer was fairly easy to redirect her behaviors.  Spring explained that Summer was trying to make a “fresh start” and put her past behind her.

Mental Health

              Summer Doe spent two months in the Everyone Welcome Mental Health Center in Large, Wisconsin, in January 2002 to address her mental health issues.  While there she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Opposition Defiant Disorder, and Depression.  Summer was prescribed several medications to help combat the behaviors associated with her mental health issues. 

              Summer does not receive her medication on a consistent basis.  She reports that her mother often times does not refill her prescriptions.  Summer admitted that she would pretend to take her medications, only to spit them out when her mother is not looking.  Summer believes that she has better control over herself and her emotions when she takes her medications.  She said her mother notices a big difference when she regularly takes her medications.

              Summer was in counseling sporadically over the past two years.  Summer admitted she really liked her counselor but her mother often forgot the appointments or made excuses as to why she could not get her to her appointments.  Summer has not seen her counselor in four months.

Family Background

              Spring Doe and Winter Doe met while in high school.  Both Spring and Winter were heavy consumers of marijuana and alcohol.  They had their first child, Autumn, when they were both only 16 years old.  Spring and Winter dropped out of school and lived with Winter’s parents.  Winter’s parents were also reported to be heavy consumers of alcohol.  Spring did not get along with her new in-laws.  They had different beliefs as to how to raise a baby, which resulted in many verbal arguments.  Spring, Winter, and Autumn moved out on their own when Autumn was six months old.

              Winter had odd jobs providing lawn care services to community members.  Spring stayed home to take care of Autumn.  She became pregnant with Summer within months after moving out of Winter’s parent’s home.  Spring suffered from untreated depression throughout her pregnancy.  She continued to consume alcohol on a very frequent basis.  The hospital records indicated that Spring was fairly intoxicated during Summer’s delivery.  Winter was not in attendance for the birth of his second child.  The hospital made a report to the local social service agency.  Social services were involved with this family only for a short time.

              Summer’s developmental stages were within the normal range limits.  She was walking at thirteen months.  She was a very healthy child.  She had all of her immunizations through the local public health office.  She started kindergarten when she was five years old.  She has never been hospitalized for any physical problems.  Summer is described as a very happy baby.  Spring indicated that Summer rarely cried and was “easy to take care of.” 

              Winter and Spring were married on Summer’s first birthday.  They struggled financially.  Spring continued to stay at home and Winter drifted from job to job.  Winter and Spring separated when Summer was only four years old.  Winter had been involved with Spring’s best friend, which resulted in the separation and later divorce between them.  Winter took Autumn to live with him and Summer stayed with her mom.  Winter had little to do with Summer after the divorce was final.  He became involved with a woman who had two children of her own.  Winter took on the responsibility of providing for her children and neglected the needs of his daughter.

              Spring and Summer currently live in low-income housing.  Spring worked for several years as a certified nursing assistant.  She recently lost her job due to poor attendance and work performance, which was caused by her consistent abuse of alcohol.  Spring and Summer have a history of living with relatives.  Spring has lived with her mother and her sister throughout the last few years.  There is a strong history of alcohol abuse in Spring’s family as well.  This alcohol abuse has led to several police contacts for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct on the part of Spring and/or her family.


              Spring and Winter are not invested in Summer’s education.  Many attempts have been made by both Heaven and Good Times Public Schools to engage them in their daughter’s education.  Spring has appeared at one IEP and appeared angry that she had to be there.  She made several comments during the meeting that she “did not know why she had to be there,” “it’s all your (Summer’s) fault,” “you better get your shit together,” and “her father is a worthless piece of crap.”  Persons in attendance at this meeting watched Summer’s expressions as her mother made these inappropriate comments.  They observed the hurt and humiliation that Summer was feeling.  Attempts were made to correct Spring’s inappropriate comments.  This only angered Spring even more.  Spring made the comment that she “had dropped out of school and had not done so bad.”  Summer’s poor attendance at school was brought up.  Spring responded by saying that Summer does not want to get up in the morning and “what was she supposed to do about it?”

Family Activities

              Spring and Summer do little together as a family.  Summer stated she would like to spend more time with her mom doing “fun things” but her mom does not have the money and her father will not help out.  Rarely does Summer see her sister Autumn.  Summer made several comments that her dad and mom liked Autumn more because she does not “have any problems” and “does not get into trouble.”  Spring has made many comments to Summer about putting her in foster care if she does “not straighten up.”  Summer’s daily routine is centered around her mother.  Summer gets herself up in the morning for school.  She eats breakfast at school.  After school she walks to her apartment.  Often times there are family members at her apartment when she gets home from school.  Summer implied that these relatives like to drink a lot of beer.  Summer rarely does her homework.  She stays up late with her family.  She disclosed she is afraid to go to sleep while her mom is still awake and drinking alcohol.  Spring has fallen asleep many times in the past with a lit cigarette still in her hand.  Summer is afraid her mom will burn down their apartment.  Summer stated she feels responsible for her mom.  She is the person who is the caregiver of this family.  Spring is often very childlike in her actions and attitudes.  She often treats Summer like she is her sister, not her daughter.  There are limited to no boundaries in this family.  While there is no physical abuse in this home, Summer reports a lot of verbal abuse.  The bottom line is that Summer feels responsible for her mother.  She has knowledge of issues that are better left to adults.  She knows how much money her mom makes when she is working, what the bills are, how much things cost, and how much beer her mom drinks.


              Summer is a rather healthy child.  Her latest physical was on August 19, 2002.  While she does not have any current health concerns, her doctor did speak with her and Spring about limiting her sugar/junk food intake and getting exercise in order to reduce her weight.  She is currently 45 pounds overweight according to her chart.  Summer’s eye exam showed that she needs to have glasses.  Her mother is aware of this fact but is unable to pay for them.  They are currently receiving Badger Care, which should pay for Summer’s glasses.  Unfortunately the eye doctors in this area are currently not taking any patients with Badger Care.  Summer had a hearing exam at the beginning of the school year, which did not yield any concerns.

              Summer is currently taking Aderol, Welbutrin, and a sleep aid.  While she was in Mendota Mental Health Institute, they took Summer off all of her medications that she was on and conducted a new assessment for her.  Her doctors in Mendota prescribed the above named medications.  Dr. Rebecca Allen currently monitors her medications from the Marshfield Clinic here in Good Times. 

Current Perceptions

              Summer is not sure why she acts out like she does.  She describes becoming very angry inside and not knowing how to properly deal with it.  She would very much like to have a “best friend” but has not been able to accomplish this.  She feels very alone while at school. She worries about her mom constantly.  She knows that obtaining an education is important.  She would like to be a teacher when she grows up.  She would also like to be in a field in which she can help people. 

              Summer exhibits real remorse for her actions.  She is genuinely sorry for the people that she has hurt.  She is afraid of going to a foster home.  She is afraid she will come home one day and her mom will be gone.  She wants to see her sister and father more often, but they do not have the time to spend with her.  Summer wants to do better in school but admits that her mind is preoccupied much of the time.  Her home is not conducive for studying after school due to the amount of people who are constantly in and out of her apartment.  Summer knows and understands what it means to be in the special educational program at school.  She likes being in the main classroom with her peers.  She does not like leaving the classroom to go to the special education room. Her peers, who tend to call her “stupid,” often tease her. 


              Summer is a twelve-year-old child who is dealing with adult issues daily.  She has a hard time focusing on schoolwork because she is worried about her mom.  Summer feels she needs to take care of her mother due to her mother’s alcoholism. 

              Summer is receiving special education services.  Her parents show little to no interest in her education.  Attempts have been made to reduce the amount of schoolwork for Summer with the desired outcome of completed homework assignments.  This has not happened to date.

              Summer has no friends and has conflicts with her peer group.  She has limited problem-solving skills.  She has difficulty controlling her feelings.  She has a hard time focusing during the day.  She takes medications sporadically for her depression, opposition defiance, conduct disorder, and attention deficit disorder.  She has been hospitalized in the past in Lunar Mental Health Center for assessing her mental health issues.  She was recently prescribed new medications that reportedly do help when Summer receives them.  Her mother is not consistent in providing Summer with her medications on a daily basis.  Spring’s alcoholism continues to play a major role in the dysfunction in this home.  Attempts to address her alcohol dependence have been met with great hostility and total denial.

              Summer’s explosive outbursts and the resulting discipline measures are of great concern.  She has been suspended in the past for her behavior, which has had no success in curbing these behaviors.  Summer has a firm understanding of what needs to be changed but does not know how to go about prioritizing what needs to be done.



Respectfully Submitted,


Susan J. Hendricks

School Social Worker