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  1. Auto-Captioning for Kaltura (Draft)
  2. Video Introduction to Web Accessibility and W3C Standards
  3. Google Sites Accessibility
  4. Workshop on Teaching Inclusive Design and Accessibility
  5. 24 Hours of Live-Streamed Accessibility Talks
  6. November 24-Hour Online Event on Inclusive Design
  7. The Accessibility MOOC - Inclusive Online Course Design
  8. Microsoft Accessibility Course
  9. Fall 2017 Accessibility eClasses
  10. New Audio Description Service for Inclusive Video
  11. 24-Hour Online Event on Inclusive Design
  12. May 18: Global Accessibility Awareness Day
  13. WCAG 2.1 Public Working Draft Released
  14. Get Web Accessibility News First
  15. Spring 2017 Accessibility eClasses
  16. The Social Model of Disability
  17. Web Accessibility: Essential for Some, Useful for All
  18. Goodbye, Compliance Sheriff; Hello, FAE
  19. AccessibleUooza
  20. Accessibility: Core Skills
  21. Accessible U
  22. Fall Web Accessibility eClasses
  23. WCAG 2.0 Principles and Implementation
  24. Captioning Challenges When Someone Else Owns the Copyright
  25. Benefits of Captioning
  26. Audio Description for Inclusive Video
  27. Accessibility Training: Spring 2016
  28. Accessibility Risks and Evidence
  29. Improve Accessibility: Microsoft Word
  30. Web Accessibility Training
  31. Learn Accessibility with Online Training Videos
  32. Improve Accessibility: Google Docs
  33. Improve Accessibility: Correct YouTube Auto-Captions
  34. Improve Accessibility: Think Before You Link
  35. Web Accessibility Training
  36. 7 Things You Should Know About IT Accessibility
  37. Captioning Video
  38. Is your Web Site Accessible?
  39. New Accessibility Training Video Available
  40. Web Accessibility Training
  41. Read&Write Gold Learning Technology Suite
  42. Read&Write Gold Now Available in Active Directory
  43. Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day
  44. New Accessibility Task Force Formed
  45. Read&Write Gold Tools, Part 3: Study Skills and Research
  46. Read&Write Gold Tools, Part 2: Writing and Self-Editing
  47. Read&Write Gold Tools, Part 1: Reading
  48. New Learning Technology Suite Available to UMD Community
  49. Effective January 1: New University Web Accessibility Standard
  50. Video Captioning
  51. Higher Ed Accessibility Lawsuits
  52. 10 Web Accessibility Tips
  53. Accessibility with Apple's VoiceOver
  54. Locked Out
  55. The Worth of Accessibility
  56. Inclusive IT Procurement
  57. Aleeha's Accessibility Story
  58. Chrome Extension May Help Improve Google Docs Accessibility
  59. Mobile Accessibility
  60. Web Accessibility Overview
  61. Touch Accessibility for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  62. Google Apps Accessibility
  63. Multi-Sensory Approach to Learning With Assistive Technology
  64. Accessibility eClasses
  65. Assistive Technology Overview
  66. #captionTHIS Day

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