New HTML Attribute


Creating a new HTML attribute could possibility rectify HTML5's failure of not providing native longdesc functionality and semantics.

Bug 10455 was filed on August 26, 2010 to create a new HTML attribute. Since then some discussion of introducing a new long description attribute has occurred.

However, to date nothing has been specified. Nothing has been implemented.

Reinvents the Wheel

Specifying a new element for long descriptions would reinvent the wheel by duplicating a basic method that has already previously been created.

No Evidence of Improvement

No evidence has been presented that a new attribute would produce more accessible than longdesc.

Use Cases

No use cases have been articulated or presented that are not already satisfied or could be satisfied by longdesc.

No Examples in the Wild

No examples in the wild have been presented of a new long description attribute.

Lacks Vendor Support

Authoring Tools

No evidence exists that authoring tools would implement a new attribute.

User Agents

No evidence exists that user agents would implement a new attribute or in a manner intended by its designers.

Lacks Educational Material

No evidence exists that substantial documentation or tutorials are in place and ready to educate developers for a new attribute.

In contrast a longdesc support base already exists in the form of authoring tools, tutorials, books etc. These longdesc support materials will live on.

Lacks Backwards Compatibility

A new attribute would be void of all backwards compatibility. It would not:

For further rationale please consult the backwards compatibility document.