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Statement of Educational and Administrative Philosophy

I have organized my philosophy around a series of themes.

Vision and Leadership

The senior administration of a university must provide the vision and leadership to lead the institution forward. As the senior technology administrator, it is my role to see what is happening both in education and in technology and to craft a vision for how the institution will use technology to meet its education goals. Leadership consists of painting pictures of the future for the people of the institution, listening to responses, and helping them choose which pictures are the best for the institution.

Active Participation and Empowerment

As a faculty member, I try hard to engage my students so that they become active participants in their own education. I believe we all learn best when we are involved in the learning process. As an administrator, I see myself as a teacher of a different kind. I teach my staff how to work effectively and efficiently. When I empower my staff to take charge of their own work, they learn how to work better than if I simply tell them how to do it.

Team Work and Partnerships

I believe in the power of teams and partnerships. Teams and partnerships bring the collective wisdom of the group to bear on a problem. When synergy is present, creative solutions emerge. As a faculty member, I teach my students how to work in teams. As an administrator I facilitate team work in my staff and develop partnerships with other departments. Breaking down barriers to cooperation is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding, things that I do.


As a senior administrator, I believe that it is important to communicate well with many constituents. Knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge empowers many people, strengthening the institution.

Encouragement, Recognition, and Reward

An institution's strength is in the strength of the people that work for it. Even the best administration cannot succeed without the support of the faculty, staff, and students that make up the institution. I encourage people to do their best, recognize their accomplishments, and provide rewards within the constraints of my budget.

Technology as a Tool

Technology should be a tool to enhance the teaching and learning experience. We should never invest in technology for its own sake. Rather we should choose our technology as wisely as we can and use it well to support our educational goals.


I approach my goals with integrity as my foundation. I make my administrative decisions based on principles in order that I treat people as fairly as possible. I value fiscal responsibility highly, for as an officer of a public institution, I am responsible to the taxpayers to treat their investment wisely. I tell the truth so that people will trust me even if they disagree with me.

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