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This archive of student work is among the most creative Teaching English resources you're likely to find on the Web. In these pages you can find fresh solutions for old problems, discover new directions to take your classes, or just have fun perusing some innovative unit lesson plans.



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1984 in 2004? - Rachael Holden

1984:  Think for Yourself - Tisha Coen

Adding Details: Using Research in Writing Short Fiction- Rebecca Moore

Adventure Unit:  Pirates - Max Rixe

And Justice for All (Literature and Social Justice) - Gina Carbone

Against Forgetting - Andrew Rummel

And You Think Your Family is Strange-Monique Duray

Animal Farm:  Pigs as People - Anders Lundahl

The Art and Science of English in Advertising: a media literacy unit - Anton Mett

Automobiles -Amanda Furth

Beowulf- Amanda Ryder

Book Project - Shannon Brinker

Bram Stoker's Dracula: Taking a Closer Look at History, Psychology, and Folklore, Fiction and Film

Building Connections, Strengthening Relationships (Reading, Speaking and Writing) - Laura Van Dyk

Catch 22- Drew Steile

Cathcher in the Rye: If a Body Meet a Body, Your Interpretation of Catcher in the Rye- Claire Biolo

Catcher in the Rye (Growing Up in the Goddam Rye)-Brandon Lambert

Censorship: Fahrenheit 451 "The Temperature at Which Books Burn."-Elizabeth Martinson

Censorship: Looking Critically at Censorship- Beth Knudsen

Chocolate War: Dare I Disturb the Universe

Cinderella and Multiculturalism - Shoua Moua

Civil Rights Movement - Maggie Muller

Coming of Age:  Their Stories and Yours- Dan Jago

Community of Communication Arts/ Service Learning- Sarah Krueger

Conflict Resolution - Elizabeth McGovern

Conflict:  Children in Conflict- Lauren Knuttila

Conflict: Using Language to Disarm Conflict - Allison Krenz

Cowboys and Indians:  Different Perspectives in American Western Literature - Pete Klabechek

Creative Reading and Writing Topic: Story - Elissa Kaner

Creative Writing: Creating a Short Story-Jill Zupetz

Creative Writing: Sharing the Human Experience Through the Short Story and Poetry-Dan Darvell

Critical Theories:  Psychoanalysis, Marxism, and Feminism- Jenny Pierce

Depressive Disorder-Kyle Carlson

Developing Critical Reading and Thinking Skills - Polly Palmer

Digital Literacy in the 21st Century: Keeping with the Times- Christopher Sturdy

Dystopian Literature:  What's Wrong with this Picture?  - Katie Ford

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian: "Who Am I ?" Is Not an Easy Question- Liz Salmela

Different Perspectives on the Vietnam War-Bill Hozza

Emerson: A Thought Portage - Sean Koster

Existentialism:  Who Am I? - Blake Jorgensen

Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Morals - Kristine Ortiz

Family:  Where There's a Will There's a Family to Fight over It- Kelsey Fautsch

Fantasy:  Escape to Another World,  Fantasy Literature and Literary Elements- Jennifer Maki

Farming for Social Change (Animal Farm) - Evan Pengelly

Feminine Archetypes in Mythology: Diving into the Wreck - Katie Koski

Film and Literature:  "Why is it filmed like that?"

Freedom Unit:  "Are You Free; Can You Be?  -  Anna Hewitt

From Song to Shakespeare (poetry unit)-Emilie Buesing

Folklore: Students Worlds Students Words-Steph Friebohle

Future:  In the Year 3000- Kayti Flynn

Grammar Fun - Britta Eastman

Great Gatsby and Critical Theory- Kristen Rauch

Great Gatsby and the American Dream- Nolan Schlinsog

Great Gatsby:  Is the American Dream an Illusion?  -  Nick Rudek

Great Gatsby:  Teaching Empathy - Natalie Rancone

Greek Mythology- "It's All Greek to Me" - Emily Dull-Heidenreich

Greek Mythology- Modern Adaptations- Melissa Horner

Hamlet:  Murder, Love, Poison, and a Prince:  Exploring Shakespeare's Hamlet- Ellen Burns

Hate: A Four Letter Word with a History-Chelsea Erickson

Hero's Journey In Modern Media- Abigail Kwiecinski

Heros:  What is a Hero? - Minden Hullstrom

Holocaust, Children of- Anna Danielson

Holocaust:  What It Means Today- Meghan Ehnes

Holocaust: Europa Europa, the story of Solomon Perel - Sarah Henfling

Holocaust Literature: Lest We Forget - Theresa Carlson

Horrors! - Karen Schmidt

Huckleberry Finn and Discrimination- Rachel Hoopman

Huckleberry Finn - Erikka Grose

Huckleberry Finn-Jacqueline Gustafson

Huckleberry Finn - Kathleen Jones

Identity:  Shaping Identity-Sarah Reisdorf

Interpersonal Communication: Message Making and Meaning - Kari Rasmussen

I-Search Paper - Jason Wermerskirshen

Journey- Hatchet and Walk Two Moons- Nicole LeBlanc

Joy Luck Club:  Metaphor, Symbolism, and Socio-Historical Background - Mary Sky Castellini

King Arthur: The Once and Future King - Amy Lovro

Leadership and Power - Jodi Swenson

Leadership, Media, Literature, and Spin: Can You Be a Bad Person but an Effective Leader?- Alyssa Hei

Literature and Culture of New Orleans-Jen Thielen

Literature and the Vietnam War - Ann Kryjeski

Living in the Digital Age - Andrew Rakerd

The Lost Generation - Matt Dugstad

Macbeth - Kari Upham

Media Literacy: "Is Our Town a Global Village?" - Karen Duffy

Memoir Unit- Nicole Jodarski

The Merchant of Venice (Part 1) - Josh Buck

The Merchant of Venice (Part 2) - Josh Buck

Minnesota Writers-Steve Crump

Modern Poetry; "Not All Great Poets are Dead" - Dan Mathieson

Movies and You-Shawn Robinson

Multiple Perspectives: Turning Non-fiction into ‘Truth’

Music:  The Return of Music-Grant Murray

Mystery, Affair, Freedom, and Intrigue - Women's Literature- Erin Bertheaume

Mythological Structure:  The Hero, The Protagonist, and The Journey (Part 1) - Nathan Anderson

Mythological Structure:  The Hero, The Protagonist, and The Journey (Part 2) - Nathan Anderson

Nature: Human-Earth Relations: A Literary Exploaration - Ted Anderson

Newspaper - Amee Ziegenhagen

No Man is an Island - Cean Frost

Novel/Movie Project - Kelly Hyvonen

Off to the Fair in King Arthur's Court! - Molly Sorvik

Once Upon Whose Time? (Short Stories) - Katie Peterson

Othello (Part 1) - Stacy Schweim

Othello (Part 2) - Stacy Schweim

Our Fantasy Hero Harry (Part 1) - Stephanie Sanders

Our Fantasy Hero Harry (Part 2) - Stephanie Sanders

The Outsiders- Maria Macioce

The Pearl - Sam Hardwig

A Perfect World: Utopia-Jacqi Harvey-Whiteman

Personal Identity: "The Big World and Me" - Kate Franson

Personal Narrative: Writing From Personal Experience - Margaret Vincent

Perspectives: "Alien" Invasion - Megan Rhode

Poetry, 20th Century African American Poetry- Michael Kerr

Poetry - Anne Aronson

Poetry:  The Class Poetry Book- Eric Stifter

Poetry, Poetic Devices, and Poetry Slam Planning - Sarah Conlin

Poetry Unit - Samantha Loeks

Poetry Unit - Dani Veit

Poetry and Music: Vocals never lackin' that finesse... - Bill Lahr

Poetry, Reviving Contemporary Poetry

Poverty in America: "A house is built with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams." - Kellee Johnson

The Prism of Theory: Critical Approaches to High School Literature - Shane O'Reilly

Professional Skills Unit - Rachel Otto

Pursuit of Happiness - Kayla Klitzke

Race in America - Tim Davis

Racism and Acceptance: A World Beyond Your Own-Angela Brunsvold

Religions Unit: A Comparison of Ideologies-Iris Metzgen-Ohlswager

Romantic Tide:  A Unit on Romanticism - Garnet Mayo

Romeo and Julliet:  Decision Making, Choices, and Consequences -Laura Schumacher

Satire, Gender Issues, and Newspapers in 18th Century British Literature: What would you like to change about society? - Dawn Loose

Say What?:  A look at language usage - Julie Toman

The Scarlet Letter - Sarah Matson

The Scarlet Letter - Kristen Groneberg

Scary Stories- Angela Ristow

Science Fiction: Discovering Science Fiction - Marcia Anick

Service Learning:  A Community of Communication Arts- Sarah Kruegar

Short Story: Bizzare Twists of Fate in the Short Story - Joe Schingen

Short Story: A Journey in Words: How to Craft a Short Story - Molly Cedarburg

Short Story Writing: "Connections - From Family to Short Story" - Margaret Hamlin

Social Justice: Acting Out, Spotlight on Social Justice- Craig Zimanske

Social Injustice- Brian Fanning

Social Protest:  Picket Signs Aren't the Only Way - Stephanie Thayer

Survival in Literature:  Extraordinary Endurance- Jessica Stinson

Survival - Kelly Williams

Take a Stand (Literature and Writing) - Christy Tertin

Taking a Stand:Public Speaking - Bert Gilling

Three Cups of Tea and Activism - Caitlin Knoll

To Kill a Mockingbird:  Corrupt Innocence - Kelsey Plaunt

To Kill a Mockingbird- Karah Jacobson

Understanding Alien Worlds- Liz Ciminski

War and Pieces- Alex Schmuck

Women in World Myth - Alysha Tree

Women's Poetic Journey Through Time - Courtney Hardtke

Viet Nam in Literature - Brenda Lilly






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