Ph.D., 2000, University of Minnesota
B.A., 1987, Yale University and

Current Research: Parameter estimation for avian life-history models, avian response to forest fragmentation. In my current work at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency I am part of a team working to develop population-level models of avian response to chemical stressors in the environment.

Current & Recent Publications:

  • Etterson, M. (In Review) Extrapair mating strategies in the socially monogamous Loggerhead Shrike. Auk.
  • Etterson, M., J. Etterson, and F. Cuthbert. (In Revision). Area sensitive species increase with forest regeneration: a test of the area-sensitivity hypothesis. Avian Conservation.
  • Etterson, M. (In Revision) Conspecific attraction in Loggerhead Shrikes: Implications for habitat conservation and reintroduction. Biological Conservation.
  • Etterson, M. and M. Howery. 2001. Loggerhead Shrike kleptoparasitism of ground foraging passerines. Journal of Field Ornithology 72(3):458-461.
  • Etterson, M. 2000. Monte Carlo Simulation tests for non-randomness in the spatial distribution of breeding shrikes. The Ring 2000: 173-179.
  • Ruggeri, N. and M. Etterson. 1998. The first record of Colugo (Cynocephalus variegatus) from the Lao PDR. Mammalia. 62(3): 450-451.

Recent Courses Taught (at Mountain Lake Biological Station, Pembroke, VA):

  • Field Ornithology
  • Conservation BiologyRecent Undergraduate Projects (all at Mt. Lake Biological Station - see courses below):A test of artificial nest methodology using natural nests.
  • Comparative use of native and introduced thistle species by insect pollinators.
  • Using aerial photos to predict avian abundance along Breeding Bird Survey Routes in central Virginia.


We enjoy birding, bicycling, canoeing, cooking, and, most recently, freighter watching in Duluth harbor.