Grandma's Sports Garden is becoming widely known as the hottest spot in the Duluth/Superior area as the best college night bar. Meeting students from UWS, UMD, St. Scholastica, LSC is a regular theme in this hub bar, but we're not regulated to just colleges! As long as you are 21 years of age, and that will be verified by our Duluth Police Department upon enterance, you are set for a night to remember!

The secret for getting everyone together week after week is pretty obvious when you get there. You aren't packed in shoulder to shoulder, you can actually get drinks in under 5 minutes, and you aren't limited to just standing around. You can dance, play games, smoke upstairs (since many Duluth bars dont allow smoking), or simply converse with any of the hundreds of people! It is a great way to get some fun into the middle of your week and break up the sometimes hectic lives that many people can inhibit.

  • Separate smoking area upstairs
  • 2 full bars and a separate beer island!
  • Coat Checking at enterance for the cold Minnesota Nights!
  • Easy access from Hwy 35