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Ian Kimmer spoke to Marcia Avner's Advocacy and Lobbying: Strategies and Tactic class this semester. This class, a required course for the Nonprofit Concentration, focuses on the history, theory and current practices of nonprofits in educating and activating citizens to participate in the public dialogue.

Kimmer is the Northern Communities Director for Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, spokesperson and strategist with the Mining Truth coalition and co-founder of The Arrowhead Story. In 2011 Friends of the BWCA hired Ian to establish a leadership presence for conservation in northern Minnesota and to take on the complex issue of sulfide mining. Having worked in a wide variety of roles - staff for US Senator Paul Wellstone, international corporate management, organic farmer, logger, educational program developer with a paleontology museum group, among others - Ian's lead in the effort to protect northern Minnesota includes working with business, mining proponents, resource users, land managers, the environmental community, unions, the general public and political leadership. He has lived in Minnesota his whole life, and northern Minnesota for 10 years including Embarrass, Virginia and Duluth.

Kimmer believes that sulfide mining is a critical conservation issue in Minnesota and is working with Mining Truth Coalition in order to educated and activate citizens to encourage participation in the public dialogue about Sulfide Mining and Polymet. He has helped to plan and facilitate public forums on the issue and actively encourages citizens to comment on the quality of the PolyMet Environmental Impact Statement. Government agencies like the DNR will make the final decision on the whether or not Minnesota participates in sulfide mining, but the public has 90 days in which to express their opinions and create a movement either for or against mining. 

For additional information about the sulfide mining issue, please visit: