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Student Spotlight:
Catherine Emmanuelle (cohort 17) elected to Eau Claire City Council

Being part of a community and public service is nothing new to Catherine Emmanuelle. She grew up in a home of public servants and, over the years, grew to serve her community through board and committee leadership. So when an at-large seat on Eau Claire's city council was vacated last year, it was no surprise that Emmanuelle decided to seek appointment.

Last September, the Eau Claire City Council approved Emmanuelle's appointment until the April 2nd election. Out of ten candidates who ran in the April 2nd election, the top five secured a three year term. Emmanuelle placed second out of five and was the only one of four labor candidates who was elected.

Emmanuelle attributed her success to the support she received on election night from people who recognize her as being genuine during the first few months she was appointed to office. "I feel like I've tried to be my authentic self," she said. "Citizens are looking for leaders who are the real deal." Emmanuelle also believes people have been wanting to see a young woman in a leadership position in local politics, as that group usually is underrepresented.

Emmanuelle, currently in her second semester at MAPL, hopes to continue to draw insight from the program. "I'm grateful for my MAPL family of learners and teachers. My MAPL weekends are a resourceful and go-to place as I take on this role. I am honored to be a part of the MAPL cohort of dedicated current and future policy leaders. Because this graduate program convenes a successful community of fellow public servants, MAPL adds significant training to my leadership, far beyond what I could accomplish on my own."

Emmanuelle will be sworn in on to office on April 16 in the City Hall Council Chamber.
Congratulations Councilor Emmanuelle!