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MAPL 6008 and MAPL 6009 Internship Information

Internships anchor your learning process. MAPL is an applied masters degree program that aims to help you acquire the hands-on advocacy skills needed to create better communities. You should view internships as an opportunity to learn essential and important skills from individuals who have much to teach. We expect you to take the readings and the practical instruction you encounter in the classroom, and put these skills and knowledge to work with organizations and individuals who do advocacy and organizing work. There are no “bad” internship experiences. Any internship, even one outside your range of interest or experience, can provide an essential and remarkable learning opportunity.

Each student is required to complete two internships, a 3 credit “organizing” internship (135 hours) and a 2 credit “policy” internship (90 hours).  Each internship experience requires (1) a contract that is agreed upon by the sponsoring organization, the student, and the MAPL Internship Coordinator, (2) a supervisor evaluation report, and (3) a capstone paper describing what the student has learned.

There are five steps involved in completing both your 3-credit and your 2-credit internship experiences. 
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A Note about Registering for Internships:  It is preferable to register for your internship credits the semester you are planning to do your internship -- or within a semester.  It is easier for you to complete your internship experience in a timely fashion when you have just registered for it.  And whenever you do register for internship credits, keep in mind you must have registered for all of your classes by the end of the 2nd week of classes.

Questions? Contact MAPL's Internship Coordinator, Linda Krug at