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MAPL Program Requirements

A total of 32 credits are needed in order to complete the Masters in Advocacy and Political Leadership:

12 credits—Cohort Classes—

Each semester, students take one class with their cohort:
1st Semester: MAPL 6001 - The Political Process and Public Policy
2nd Semester:MAPL 6005 - Political and Advocacy Leadership
3rd Semester: MAPL 6004 - Political Organizing and Communication
4th Semester: MAPL 6002 - Policy Evaluation

5 credits—Internships Each student is required to complete two internships.
MAPL 6008--3 credit organizing internship (135 hours)
MAPL 6009--2 credit policy internship (90 hours)

15 credits—Elective Classes
We offer 2 elective classes on Friday night and 3 electives on Saturday afternoons.

General Electives
These classes are offered once every three semesters on Friday evenings. General electives tend to change based on the political climate and the needs and interests of the students.

MAPL 5110 - Ethics in Politics
MAPL 5301 - Campaigns and Elections
MAPL 5308 - Impact of Art and Social Change
MAPL 5309 - Legal System and Public Policy
MAPL 5315 - Sustainable Development Policy and Advocacy
MAPL 5400 - Political Organizing and Advocacy in the Digital Age (online)
MAPL 5405 - Impact of Group Identity on the Policymaking Process

Concentration Electives
MAPL has three concentrations: Public Sector, Nonprofit and Labor. Concentration electives are open to all students and count toward the General Elective requirements. Concentration electives are offered once a year on Saturday afternoons. It is not necessary for students to declare a concentration.
Learn more about the MAPL Concentrations.

MAPL 5111 - Labor Organizing (fall)
MAPL 5113 - Labor and Political Economy (spring)
MAPL 5200 - Advocacy and Lobbying: Strategies and Tactics (spring)
MAPL 5202 - Nonprofits and Government: The Public Private Partnership (fall)
MAPL 5311 - Advocacy in the Public Sector: Service in the Elected Branch (fall)
MAPL 5312 - Advocacy in the Public Sector: Service in the Executive Branch (spring)