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Katherine Paterson

1932 -

(1983 Kerlan Award)

The Kerlan Award is given "in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children's literature." The books listed below are owned by the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) Library.


Paterson, John & Katherine. (2004). Blueberries for the Queen. (Illustrated by Susan Jeffers). New York : HarperCollins. PRIM-FIC P2966bl

In the summer of 1942, when Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands lives down the road from his family's house in Massachusetts, young William decides to take her some of the blueberries he has picked. Includes historical notes.

Paterson, Katherine. (2006). Bread and roses, too. New York : Clarion Books. INTR-FIC P296bre

Jake and Rosa, two children, form an unlikely friendship as they try to survive and understand the 1912 Bread and Roses strike of mill workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Paterson, Katherine. (1977). Bridge to Terabithia. (Illustrated by Donna Diamond). New York : Crowell. INTR-FIC P296bri

The life of a ten-year-old boy in rural Virginia expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death trying to reach their hideaway, Terabithia, during a storm.

Paterson, Katherine. (2011). Brother Sun, Sister Moon : Saint Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Creatures. (Illustrated by Pamela Dalton). San Francisco : Handprint Books/Chronicle Books. PRIM-FIC P296br

Reimagines Francis of Assisi’s 1224 prayer of praise in celebration of God’s gifts throughout the universe.

Paterson, Katherine. (1985). Come sing, Jimmy Jo. New York : Dutton. INTR-FIC P296CO

When his family becomes a successful country music group and makes him a featured singer, eleven-year-old James has to deal with big changes in all aspects of his life, even his name.

Paterson, Katherine. (2009). The day of the pelican. Boston, Mass. : Clarion Books. INTR-FIC P296da

In 1998 when the Kosovo hostilities escalate, thirteen-year-old Meli’s life as an ethnic Albanian, changes forever after her brother escapes his Serbian captors and the entire family flees from one refugee camp to another until they are able to immigrate to America.

Paterson, Katherine. (2008). The eyes and ears of the public. In The National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance, Our White House : looking in, looking out. Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press. 975.3 O93

More than one hundred leading authors and illustrators donate their talents to a collection of essays, personal accounts, historical fiction, and poetry which looks at America’s history through the prism of the White House.

Paterson, Katherine. (1978). The great Gilly Hopkins. New York : Crowell. PRIM-FIC P296G

An eleven-year-old foster child tries to cope with her longings and fears as she schemes against everyone who tries to be friendly.

Paterson, Katherine. (1980). Jacob have I loved. New York : Crowell. INTR-FIC P296J

Feeling deprived all her life of schooling, friends, mother, and even her name by her twin sister, Louise finally begins to find her identity.

Paterson, Katherine. (1991). Lyddie. New York : Lodestar Books. INTR-FIC P296LY

Impoverished Vermont farm girl Lyddie Worthen is determined to gain her independence by becoming a factory worker in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the 1840s.

Paterson, Katherine. (1975). The master puppeteer. (Illustrated by Haru Wells). New York : Crowell. INTR-FIC P296ma

A thirteen-year-old boy describes the poverty and discontent of eighteenth century Osaka and the world of puppeteers in which he lives.

Paterson, Katherine. (1983). Rebels of the heavenly kingdom. New York : E.P. Dutton. INTR-FIC P296RE

Abducted from his home by bandits, fifteen-year-old Wang Lee is rescued from slavery by a mysterious girl who introduces him to the Taiping Tienkuo, a secret society partly based on Christian principles and dedicated to the overthrow of the Manchu government.

Paterson, Katherine. (2002). The same stuff as stars. New York : Clarion Books. INTR-FIC P296sa

When Angel's self-absorbed mother leaves her and her younger brother with their poor great-grandmother, the eleven-year-old girl worries not only about her mother and brother, her imprisoned father, the frail old woman, but also about a mysterious man who begins sharing with her the wonder of the stars.

Paterson, Katherine. (1990). The tale of the mandarin ducks. (Illustrated by Leo & Diane Dillon). New York : Lodestar Books. 398.2 P296t

A pair of mandarin ducks, separated by a cruel lord who wishes to possess the drake for his colorful beauty, reward a compassionate couple who risk their lives to reunite the ducks.


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