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Jane Resh Thomas


(2001 Kerlan Award)

The Kerlan Award is given "in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children's literature." The books listed below are owned by the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) Library.


Thomas, Jane Resh. (1998). Behind the mask : the life of Queen Elizabeth. New York : Clarion Books. 921 E436t

A biography of Elizabeth I that describes her triumphant reign as well as the childhood that shaped the woman she became.

Thomas, Jane Resh. (2006). Blind mountain. New York : Clarion Books. INTR-FIC T458bl 

Unsure of himself and annoyed at having to spend a day climbing a Montana mountain with his bossy father, twelve-year-old Sam must become the guide on their perilous journey down when his carelessness temporarily blinds his father.

Thomas, Jane Resh. (1981). The comeback dog. (Drawings by Troy Howell). New York : Houghton Mifflin/Clarion Books. INTR-FIC T458CO

Daniel, a Midwestern farm boy, finds a battered dog in a ditch and nurses it back to health, but is disappointed when the dog doesn't immediately respond to his gestures of affection.

Thomas, Jane Resh. (1984). Courage at Indian Deep. New York : Clarion Books. INTR-FIC T458cou

Forced to move to northern Minnesota from a comfortable life in Minneapolis, a family finds the need to make some big adjustments.

Thomas, Jane Resh. (1996). Daddy doesn't have to be a giant anymore. (Illustrated by Marcia Sewall). New York : Clarion Books. PRIM-FIC T458D

A little girl is frightened of her daddy when he's drunk, but with the support of his family and friends he enters a treatment program and resolves to stay sober.

Thomas, Jane Resh. (1977). Elizabeth catches a fish. (Pictures by Joseph Duffy). New York : Seabury Press. PRIM-FIC T458el

Elizabeth is determined to go on her first fishing trip alone with her father despite her brother's jealousy and threatening weather.

Thomas, Jane Resh. (1987). Fox in a trap. (Drawings by Troy Howell). New York : Clarion Books. INTR-FIC T458FO

Daniel looks forward to helping his Uncle Peter set traps for the foxes that have been plaguing the family farm, until the discovery of a severed fox paw makes him seriously question what he and his uncle are doing.

Thomas, Jane Resh. (1986). Wheels. (Pictures by Emily Arnold McCully). New York : Clarion Books.  PRIM-FIC T458wh

Five-year-old Elliott learns that winning isn't everything when he begins to race with the Big Wheel bike he got for his birthday.


Author Information

Berman, R. (2001). Jane Resh Thomas. The Kerlan Awards in children's literature, 1975-2001 (pp. 295-308). St. Paul: Pogo Press. Children Ref PN 497 .K47 2001

Jane Resh Thomas http://www.janereshthomas.com/

Children's Literature Network : Jane Resh Thomas

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