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Betsy Bowen



Bowen, Betsy. (1991). Antler bear canoe : a northwoods alphabet year. Boston : Little, Brown and Company. 574.5 B786a

Introduces the letters of the alphabet in woodcut illustrations and brief text depicting the changing seasons in the northern woods.

Bowen, Betsy. (1995). Gathering : a northwoods counting book. Boston : Little, Brown, and Company. 513.2 B786g

A counting book that describes the changing seasons of the north.

Bowen, Betsy. (1993). Tracks in the wild. Boston : Little, Brown. 596 B786t

Explores the habits and behavior of fourteen northwoods animals by discussing the various tracks and signs left by them.


Root, Phyllis.(2010). Big belching bog. (Illustrations by Betsy Bowen). Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press. PRIM-FIC R7824bi

The cold, wet bog seems unwelcoming, but it’s home to special, secret inhabitants like plants that eat insects and frogs that stay frozen through the winter. The biggest secret is that under the surface, under the tree roots, deep in the peat, something is growing, rising, coming closer, lifting the moss into a bubble and then breaking through to the surface. Does the bog belch? No one has ever heard it, but you might be the first.

Hoover, Helen. (2005). Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman. (Woodcuts by Betsy Bowen). Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press. PRIM-FIC H7896gre 

The miracle of Christmas permits the animals to work together as friends, despite their fear of the Great Wolf, and to rescue their beloved woodsman.

Van Laan, Nancy. (1997). Shingebiss : an Ojibwe legend. (Woodcuts by Betsy Bowen). Boston : Houghton Mifflin. 398.2 V259s

Shingebiss the duck bravely challenges the Winter Maker and manages to find enough food to survive a long, harsh winter.

Lunge-Larsen, Lise. (1999). The troll with no heart in his body : and other tales of trolls from Norway. (Woodcuts by Betsy Bowen). Boston : Houghton Mifflin. 398.2 A799tr

A collection of Norwegian folktales all featuring trolls: The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Boy Who Became a Lion, a Falcon, and an Ant, Butterball, The Boy and the North Wind, The White Cat in the Dovre Mountain, The Sailors and the Troll, The Eating Competition, and The Troll with No Heart in His Body.

Author/Illustrator Information

Betsy Bowen Studio. Retrived from: http://woodcut.com/

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