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Emma Lillian Brock

1886 - 1974


Brock, Emma Lillian. (1946). The birds' Christmas tree. New York: Knopf. PRIM-FIC B8644bi

A fierce storm covers up all their food, but then the hungry birds receive a wonderful present, a very special kind of Christmas tree.

Brock, Emma Lillian. (1964). Good Old Kristie. (Illustratrated by Frank Aloise). New York: Holt, Rinehart, & Winston. PRIM-FIC B8644go

Erik and Elmer want a horse more than anything in the world. They save up enough to buy Kristie, who teaches the boys how to do things her own way.

Brock, Emma Lillian. (1942). Here comes Kristie. New York: Knopf. INTR-FIC B8644he

Elmer and Einer, two Minnesota farm boys, had always wanted a horse and after saving their money finally find the perfect one, a wonderful white horse they call "Good Old Kristie."

Brock, Emma Lillian. (1967). Mary on roller skates. New York: Knopf. INTR-FIC B8644ma

Mary is always in a such a hurry that she is called Sudden Mary, so naturally she wants a pair of roller skates that can get her places faster.

Brock, Emma Lillian. (1955). Plug-horse derby. New York: Knopf. INTR-FIC B8644pl

Nancy decides to enter her own horse, Plow Boy, at the first Plug-Horse Derby at the State Fair.

Brock, Emma Lillian. (1929). The runaway sardine. New York, London, A: Knopf. PRIM-FIC B8644ru

The story of Zacharie an unusual sardine, who lives in Brittany with an old fisherman and his wife, and longs for freedom and a glimpse of the sea.

Brock, Emma Lillian. (1950). Three ring circus. New York: Knopf. INTR-FIC B8644th

Sally's dreams of being a trapezee artist lead to much noise and upheaval in her family and neighborhood until her mother convinces her that there are other equally exciting careers.

Brock, Emma Lillian. (1930). To market! To market!. New York: Knopf. PRIM-FIC B8644to

A duck finds a silver gulden and he and a mouse take it to market to buy themselves something.


Davis, Mary Gould. (1933). The handsome donkey. (Illustrated by Emma Brock). New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co. PRIM-FIC D2632ha

Baldasarre, an extremely handsome donkey who lives in Italy, and his friend Tedesco, a visiting American dachshund, become heroes.

Jacobs, Joseph. (1933). Johnny-cake. (Illustrated by Emma L. Brock). New York: G.P. Putnam. PRIM-FIC J172jo

A Johnny-cake escapes from the oven and outruns man and beast, but meets his match in the wily fox.

Author/Illustrator Information

Emma L(illian) Brock (1886 - 1974). (1976). In Something about the author, Vol. 8, pp.15. Detroit: Gale. Online Something about the Author database and REF PN451 .S6 v. 8.

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