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Laurie A. Caple



Arnold, Caroline. (2004). Pterosaurs : rulers of the skies in the dinosaur age. (Illustrated by Lauire Caple). New York : Clarion Books. 567.91 A752p 

Explains how these giants of the air related to dinosaurs and other reptiles, and describes their varied appearance and lifestyles, their evolution, and their extinction.

Arnold, Caroline. (2002). When mammoths walked the earth.  (Illustrated by Laurie Caple). New York : Clarion Books.  569 A752w

Describes the physical characteristics, known habits, and fossil sites of mammoths, prehistoric animals closely related to the elephant.

Ross, Michael Elsohn. (1997). Wildlife watching with Charles Eastman [electronic resource]. (Illustrations by Laurie A. Caple). Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books. Online.

Presents a biography of Charles Eastman, the Native American physician, writer, and naturalist, focusing on his study of animals and their behavior. Provides tips on how to observe neighborhood wildlife.

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