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Mary Casanova

1957 -


Casanova, Mary. (2000). Curse of a winter moon New York : Hyperion Books for Children . INTR-FIC C335cu 

In sixteenth-century France, ruled by a Church that overtaxes peasants and burns heretics, Marius must postpone his apprenticeship to care for his six-year-old brother, whose birth took their mother's life, and who the villagers, backed by the Church, believe will become a "loup garou"--A werewolf.

Casanova, Mary. (2007). Extreme stunt dogs.  (Illustrated by Omar Rayyan). New York : Aladdin Paperbacks.  INTR-FIC C335ex

When a long van pulls up in Pembrook, Minnesota, advertising "Hollywood’s Amazing Extreme Stunt Dogs" Kito thinks there’s something strange going on. Can Dog Watch figure out if those dogs are truly amazing or in an amazing amount of trouble?

Casanova, Mary. (2000). The hunter : a Chinese folktale. (Illustrations by Ed Young). New York : Atheneum Books for Young Reader. 398.2 C3354h 

After learning to understand the language of animals, Hai Li Bu the hunter sacrifices himself to save his village.

Casanova, Mary. (1995). Moose tracks. New York : Hyperion Books for Children. VOY PS3553.A7904 M667 1995X 

Twelve-year-old Seth, the son of a game warden, tries to save an orphaned moose calf from poachers.

Casanova, Mary.(1996). Riot. New York, N.Y. : Hyperion Books for Children. INTR-FIC C335R 

When his father engages in vandalism against non-union employees, Bryan, a sixth-grader, must decide whether to accept his father’s actions or do what he believes is right.

Casanova, Mary. (1999) Stealing Thunder. New York : Scolastic. INTR-FIC C335st

Libby visits her neighbor’s spirited horse Thunder every day, grooming and riding him, and when Mr. Porter starts to abuse Thunder she decides to steal him away to safety, with the help of her new friend Griff.

Casanova, Mary. (2007). To catch a burglar. New York : Aladdin Paperbacks. INTR-FIC C335to

Tundra, the alpha dog of Pembrook, is hanging her head. A thief stole prized fishing lures from her home while she was on guard. Then another collection is stolen. Kito and Chester set a trap at their own home, and this trap has to work!

Casanova, Mary. (2006). Trouble in Pembrook. New York : Aladdin Paperbacks. INTR-FIC C335tr 

Ripped signs, a broken fire hydrant and a missing dog--there’s trouble in Pembrook, where dogs may roam as long as they don’t cause trouble. The dogs form Dog Watch to find out who is vandalizing the town and to find alpha Tundra--if it isn’t too late!

Casanova, Mary. (2008). Utterly otterly day. (Illustrated by Ard Hoyt). New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Reades. PRIM-FIC C335ul

After a day out of the nest in which he avoided a snapping turtle, a hungry eagle, and other enemies, Little Otter comes face to face with danger that truly scares him and he realizes that he still needs his family no matter how big he grows.

Casanova, Mary. (2011). Utterly otterly night. (Pictures by Ard Hoyt). New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. PRIM-FIC C335utt

While out playing with his family one night, Little Otter shows that he knows the otterly rule, "First hint of danter--we all head in." Just as he reaches the top of the sliding hill, he smells wolf danger. But his family is too far away to hear his warning, he wonders if he is big enough to save them.

Casanova, Mary. (1997). Wolf shadows. New York : Hyperion Books for Children. INTR-FIC C335WO 

When his best friend illegally shoots a wolf while hunting in northern Minnesota, twelve-year-old Seth struggles to determine whether their friendship can survive their different ideas.

Author Information

Casanova, Mary. (2007). Mary Casanova and you. Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited.  PS3553 .A78962 Z46 2007

Discusses Mary Casanova life and work and the researching, writing and illustrationg of each of her books.

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