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Loretta Ellsworth

1954 -


Ellsworth, Loretta. (2002). The shrouding woman. New York : H. Holt. INTR-FIC E475SH

When her Aunt Flo comes to help care for eleven-year-old Evie and her younger sister after their mother’s death, Evie wants nothing to do with her and she is especially uncomfortable with her aunt’s calling of helping prepare bodies for burial.

Ellsworth, Loretta. (2011). Unforgettable. New York : Walker & Co. INTR-FIC E475un

When Baxter Green was three years old he developed a condition that causes him to remember absolutely everything, and now that he is fifteen, he and his mother have moved to Minnesota to escape her criminal boyfriend and, Baxter hopes, to reconnect with a girl he has been thinking about since kindergarten.

Author Information

Loretta Ellsworth (1954 - ). (2009). In Something about the author, Vol. 199, pp.37-38. Detroit: Gale. Online Something about the Author database and REF PN451 .S6 v.199.

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