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Flavia Gág

1907 - 1979


Gág, Flavia. (1964). The melon patch mystery. New York: McKay. INTR-FIC G1322me

"Someone was stealing Farmer Plunkett's big juicy watermelons that he was growing in Florida in hope of winning a . . . $500 prize, and even the electrified fence didn't discourage the thief. But at least the farmer's lovable pet raccoon is a comfort to him--until the night Plunkett decides to stay up to catch the thief!" Bk Buyer's Guide


Dalgliesh, Alice. (1948). The Davenports are at dinner. (Illustrated by Flavia Gág). New York : Charles Scribner’s Sons. INTR-FIC D142DA 

Two years after their mother died, Mr. Davenport announces to the four children that he has new wife, but they discover Emily has a daughter, too. The owner of the house they’ve been renting now needs the house, and the family can only find a small barn to live in. Then, Kathy gets an idea for a radio show to broadcast live from the family table.

Dobbs, Rose. (1950). Once upon a time; twenty cheerful tales to read and tell. (Illustrated by Flavia Gág). New York : Random House. INTR-FIC D6324on 

The chief purpose of these carefully selected stories is to entertain. The book consists of three parts: Ever Old, Ever New; Why and How; and Just for Fun.

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