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Karen Ritz

1957 -


Ritz, Karen. (2010). Windows with birds. Honesdale, Pa. : Boyds Mills Press. PRIM-FIC R6159wi

A cat loves the familiar comforts of his home that has 26 stairs, 29 places to hide, a foolish old mouse in the basement, and his boy, for whom he waits in a sunny spot. But one day the boy takes him to a new place. The cat hides in the closet, cries, and won’t come out, even if the boy calls and brings treats. That night the boy takes a long time to fall asleep, but finally the cat comes out to look at the new place and then curls up to sleep with the boy. Finally he finds there are new hiding places, a promising new fish, and a new sunny place where he can wait for the boy.



Lears, Laurie. (2000). Ben has something to say : a story about stuttering. (Iillustrated by Karen Ritz). Morton Grove, Ill. : Albert Whitman. PRIM-FIC L4387BE

In order to help a neglected dog which he sees at a junkyard, Ben, who stutters, begins to confront his fear of speaking.

Mitchell, Barbara. (1988). Between two worlds : a story about Pearl Buck. (Illustrations by Karen Ritz). Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books. 921 B922m

A biography of the woman who was awarded both the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes for literature.

Bernstein, Sharon Chesler. (1991). A family that fights. (Illustrated by Karen Ritz). Morton Grove, Ill. : A. Whitman. INTR-FIC B5316FA

Henry’s parents fight often and his father sometimes hits his mother, causing Henry to feel frightened and ashamed. Includes a list of things children can do in situations of family violence.

Crofford, Emily. (1989). Frontier surgeons : a story about the Mayo brothers. (Illustrations by Karen Ritz). Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books. 921 M473c

A biography of the two doctor brothers whose Minnesota clinic became world-famous.

Lears, Laurie. (1998). Ian’s walk : a story about autism. (Illustrated by Karen Ritz). Morton Grove, IL : Albert Whitman. PRIM-FIC L4387I

Ian, who is autistic, takes a walk with his sisters and demonstrates how he sees, hears, smells, and tastes things differently.

Adler, David A. (1993). A picture book of Anne Frank. (Illustrated by Karen Ritz). New York : Holiday House. 940.5318 A237p

Traces the life of the young Jewish girl whose diary chronicles the years she and her family hid from the Nazis in an Amsterdam attic.

Testa, Maria. (1996). Someplace to go. (Illustrated by Karen Ritz). Morton Grove, Ill. : A. Whitman. PRIM-FIC T342S

Davey describes how he spends his time after school trying to keep safe and warm until he can meet his mother and older brother when the shelter opens at eight o’clock.

Lears, Laurie. (1999). Waiting for Mr. Goose. (Illustrated by Karen Ritz). Morton Grove, Ill. : Albert Whitman & Co. PRIM-FIC L4387WA

Stephen, who has trouble sitting still and paying attention, surprises himself when he summons up the patience to catch and help an injured goose. Includes a note to adults about children who have difficulty staying focused, including those with ADHD.


Author/Illlustrator Information

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Karen Ritz : illustrator, author, artist. Retrieved from : http://www.karenritz.net/

Karen Ritz (1957 - ). (2002). In Something about the author, Vol. 80, pp. 191-193. Detroit: Gale. Online Something about the Author database and REF PN451 .S6 v. 80.


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