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Gerald Robert Vizenor

1934 -


Vizenor, Gerald Robert. (1970). Anishinabe adisokan = Tales of the people. Minneapolis: Nodin Press. 398.2 V864a

"The tales in this book were first printed in The Progress, a weekly newspaper published on the White Earth Reservation before the turn of the century."

Vizenor, Gerald Robert. (1970). Anishinabe nagamon = Songs of the people. (2d rev. ed ed.). Minneapolis: Nodin Press. 897.3 V864a

The original anishinabe pictomyths reproduced in the book were first published by the Bureau of American Ethnology.

Vizenor, Gerald R. (1972). The everlasting sky; new voices from the people named the Chippewa. New York: Crowell-Collier Press. 970.3 V864e

In Gerald Vizenor's thoughtful and provocative account of the "chippewa indians" of Minnesota, the "oshki anishinabe" (new people of the woodland) speak about home and family, city and reservation, law enforcement and education.


Author Information

Gerald Vizenor [videorecording] / a film by Matteo Bellinelli ; a production of TSI Swiss Television, Lugano). (1985). Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences. VC 4353

The Native American experience is portrayed in conversations with Gerald Vizenor.


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