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Edythe Records Warner

1916 -1980


Warner, Edythe Records. (1958). Cabin for ducks,. New York: Viking Press. PRIM-FIC W2813ca

A young boy tells of a world of his own whose center is his grandfather's hunting cabin in Minnesota. Here he and his brother, although too young to be hunters, are learning the patience needed for long quiet waiting and the proper use of guns. And from this vantage point they also watch the wild ducks feeding, nesting, and flying off on their long migrations.

Warner, Edythe Records. (1960). The little dark-house. New York: Viking Press. INTR-FIC W2814Li

"Fish Hawk Lake lies between wooded hills in northern Minnesota. When the lake is frozen over two boys and their grandfather go there to spear-fish from a hole cut in the floor of a tiny windowless house that has been hauled out on the ice... Spear-fishing is not easy, and there are many game laws that the boys must learn before they will be allowed to try it themselves." Publisher's note

Warner, Edythe Records. (1964). Siamese summer,. New York: Viking Press. INTR-FIC W2814si

Hai and Tai, two Siamese cats, live in the city during the winter months but they live from spring to fall in an old stone house that stands by a river and is surrounded by forest. Hai becomes acquainted with a puff adder. Tai learns, never to forget, the difference between the sound of grasshoppers and yellow jackets. They both marvel at the surprises of their animal neighbors and surroundings. (Publisher)

Warner, Edythe Records. (1961). The tigers of Como Zoo;. New York: Viking Press. 599 W281t

Tells the story of the Siberian tigers held in Saint Paul, Minnesota's Como Zoo during the 1950's and 1960's.


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