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Elizabeth Witheridge


Witheridge, Elizabeth. (1969). And what of you, Josephine Charlotte? (Drawings by Barabara McGee). New York: Atheneum. INTR-FIC W8235an

In the early 1800's, a seventeen-year-old Maryland slave girl fears for her future when the young mistress who has been her friend and protector is to be married.

Witheridge, Elizabeth. (1966). Dead End Bluff. (Drawings by Charles Geer). New York: Atheneum. INTR-FIC W8235de

Quig's summer activities include a swimming meet, caring for pedigreed puppies, and a busy social life. When the pups are stolen Quig, who is blind, uses his special talents to solve the mystery.

Witheridge, Elizabeth. (1961). Jim Penney's golden nugget. (Illustrated by Anthony D'Adamo). New York: Abingdon Press. INTR-FIC W8235ji

Jim Penney was always likely to do the wrong thing at the very worst time, but he does manage to save up enough money to go West.

Witheridge, Elizabeth P. (1974). Just one Indian boy. New York: Atheneum. INTR-FIC W8235ju

An Indian boy tries to find his way in the world without losing his heritage as he studies to be a teacher, falls in love, and faces decisions about his future.

Witheridge, Elizabeth. (1963). Never younger, Jeannie. (Drawings by Virginia Lee Bates). New York: Atheneum. INTR-FIC W8235ne

Although safe and happy on her grandparents' Michigan farm, Jeannie worries about her parents, who are in Europe as World War I draws near.


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