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Douglas Wood

1951 -


Wood, Douglas. (1999). Grandad's prayers of the earth. (Illustrated by P. J. Lynch). Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press. PRIM-FIC W874GR 

Because Grandad has explained how all things in the natural world pray and make a gift to the beauty of life, his grandson is comforted when Grandad dies.

Wood, Douglas. (2006). Nothing to do. (Illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin). New York : Dutton Children's Books. PRIM-FIC W874no 

Celebrates many ways of enjoying a day when the calendar is blank--no homework, no soccer practice, no anything--from building a fort to lying down and watching the clouds change shape.

Wood, Douglas. (1992). Old Turtle. (Watercolors by Cheng-Khee Chee). Duluth, MN : Pfeifer-Hamilton. PRIM-FIC W874OL 

At a time when all the living things of the world could communicate an argument broke out over who and what God is. Old Turtle, in his wisdom, settles the argument in this parable which promotes our relationship with the earth and all the beings that inhabit it.

Wood, Douglas. (1996). The Windigo's return : a North Woods story. (Illustrated by Greg Couch). New York : Simon & Schuster for Young Readers. PRIM-FIC W874W 

When the fearsome Windigo begins to prey upon the People of the North Woods, a girl named Morning Star comes up with a plan to stop him.


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