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Test Resources Available in Journal Articles

Fischer, Joel & Corcoran, Keven. (2007). Measures for clinical practice and research : a sourcebook. (4th ed.). New York : Oxford University Press.
REF BF176 .C66 2007 Vols. 1-2

This book provides practitioners and students with quick questionnaires to evaluate results with a client. The first volume contains questionnaires for couples, families, and children; and the second volume covers adult questionnaires. Each questionnaire includes title, authors purpose, description, norms, scoring, reliability, validity, primary reference, availability and the test.

Chun, Ki-Taek. (1975). Measures for psychological assessment: A guide to 3,000 original sources and their applications. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.
REF BF698.5 .C45

This source covers 3,000 assessment measures which appear in journals between 1960-1970 relating to mental health and related areas. The primary reference section lists where the tests were first described. The application section indicates where the measures have been used. Indexes in front by author, descriptor (subject), and supplement to descriptor index (shows see references to descriptors)

Goldman, Bert A. (1974-2008). Directory of unpublished experimental mental measures. New York, Human Sciences Press.
REF BF431 .G625 Vol. 1-9

These sources list experimental test instruments that are not currently produced commercially at time of publication and are found in a selected list of professional journals. The experimental tests are arranged in broad subject category. The categories are: Achievement, Adjustment-Educational, Adjustment-Psychological, Adjustment-Social, Aptitude, Attitude, Behavior, Communication, Concept Meaning, Creativity, Development, Family, Institutional Information, Motivation, Perception, Personality, Preference, Problem Solving and Reasoning, Status, Trait Measurement, Values, Vocational Evaluation and Vocational Interest. Each entry includes the test name, purpose, description, statistics (reliability and validity when available), source and related research. The author and subject indexes refer to the test number.


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