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Decisions about product safety [kit]

A teaching unit for core curriculum -- A teaching unit for economics educators -- A teaching unit for home economics educators -- A teaching unit for science educators -- A teaching unit for social studies educators -- Student worksheet masters -- Wall charts. 5 booklets, 4 posters, 1 book of readings and exercises. 2 copies


Getting adults motivated, enthusiastic & satisfied [kit] / by Michele L. Deck & Jeanne R. Silva.

Kit explains the methods for using games in adult instruction in order to motivate and increase retention; contains various game pieces which can be adapted as needed. "Tips, strategies, and how-to’s for using television game shows as a method of instruction"--T.p. verso of manual. 1 instruction manual, 4 nametags, 2 pads, 3 sheets, 1 spinner ; in box 26 x 30 x 6 cm.


Together we can! : classwide peer tutoring to improve basic academic skills

Tutors and tutoring. 61 p., [13] p. of plates : ill. ; 29 cm. + 4 posters in tube.


Auction : a game for a change [game]

A role-playing game designed to give participants a chance to clarify their values and set priorities for themselves. They can also examine whether their actions match their intents and how peer-group pressures affect their choices.


Classroom cookery : primary level / compiled and edited by Victoria Williamson ; illustrated by Albert Barrio.

A collection of classroom recipes and cooking suggestions. A collection of classroom recipes and cooking suggestions. A collection of classroom recipes and cooking suggestions. For primary grades.


Create the magic [kit] : resource card file activity fun cards for all ages

A card set for planning children’s and teenager’s recreational activities, the categories include active games, songs, drama, aquatics, discover, teens, cooking, and arts and crafts. [518] cards ; 13 x 18 cm.


Piaget for educators : a multimedia program [Kit]

An explanation and survey of Piaget’s theory on child development. Includes training materials for those involved in preparing individuals to administer Piagetian tasks. Audible and automatic advance signals. A: An Introduction to Piaget.--B: Sensory-motor and preoperational periods.--C: The Concrete operational period.--D: The Formal operational period.--E: Suggestions for teaching.--F: Moral development from birth to adulthood.


Creating safe schools : a resource collection for planning and action.

Preventing chaos in times of crisis : a guide for school administrators -- Rebuilding schools as safe havens : a typology for selecting and integrating violence prevention strategies -- School bullying and victimization : NSSC resource paper -- School safety work book : what works : promising violence prevention programs -- Schools respond to gangs and violence / Joan Gaustad -- Violence & youth : psychology’s response, v. 1 -- Weapons in schools : NSSC resource paper.


Mind expanders. [flash card]

Challenging activities for gifted students in math, creative writing, art, social sciences, poetry, book reports, and science. For elementary education.


Fit for the future [kit] : starring Carli and Cubbacious B. Bear

Materials are designed to improve the quality of activity programs for children. Programs are activities and routines from Robert Pangrazi’s book, Dynamic physical education for elementary school children, 11th ed. Includes 1 instructor guide, 2 sound cassettes (in container), 12 traffic cones, 52 signs with instructions in container (39 x 65 x 17 cm.). 1 kit ; 39 x 65 x 17 cm.


Color, object, number grouping cards [kit] / Marvila A. Peppard, Donald F. Peppard.

Can be used to develop the skill of categorizing. The material consists of 45 cards representing combinations of object identity, object color and the number of objects on a card. The cards can be classified according to different combinations of shared attitudes. For preschool through primary grades. For preschool through primary grades.


Orientation views. [kit].

Presents 15 familiar objects as seen from 3 angles. Helps establish spatial inter-relationships of objects from three observation points and ability to integrate the differing views into a 3-dimensional whole. For primary grades.


Same or different word cards [kit]

Consists of two sets of cards, each card having a pair of words. Some of the pairs are identical words while others differ only slightly. Set 1 contains word pairs differing in one letter only, such as b and d. Set 2 has word pairs differing because the arrangement of letters in the word, such as states and tastes. The cards provide students with practice in visual perception and discrimination, as well as likenesses and differences and vocabulary. For grades 1 and 2.


Discover! Series I [flash card] / Tin Man Press.

Offers extraordinary experiences with an ordinary object. A spoon -- Crackers -- A tape dispenser -- Scissors -- A paper bag -- A comb -- A table knife -- Popcorn -- A paper clip -- A handkerchief -- An egg carton -- A pencil. 12 flash card sets (20 cards each) : ill., col. ; 11 x 14 cm. + suggested answers and teacher’s guide for each set of cards in container.


File o’ fun [activity card] : a recreation planner for games & activities

1 box (200 cards, 12 puzzle sheets, 14 subject dividers) and leadership booklet (vii, 108 p. ; 16 cm.) ; in box 12 x 18 x 11 cm.



Creature encounters [kit]

The camel -- The duck -- The fish -- The scorpion -- The toucan -- The alligator -- The elephant -- The giraffe -- Fly -- The ostrich. Ages 5-8. 177 K’NEX pieces, 10 activity cards, book of zoo models, : col. ; in plastic bucket.


It’s easy to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day [picture].

A set of 12 pictures of fruits and vegetables. 12 posters : col. ; 46 x 59 cm.


Children of smokers are more than twice as likely to smoke as those of nonsmokers [picture].

Poster of children’s art making the point that people should not smoke.


Drunk driving doesn’t just kill drunk drivers [picture].

Poster of photos of people killed by drunk drivers.


Safe sex posters [picture].

Two posters promoting safe sex through marriage.


Hi! I’m alphabuddy bear! [toy]

A stuffed bear made of polyester and colored brown with purple and pink highlights. It also has a green and white bandanna with a dark green B.


[Dog puppet] [toy]

A stuffed dog made of polyester and colored brown with white spots and white front paws. It also has a red collar.


Brain quest. Grade 7 [game]

A curriculum-based educational game that quizzes you on the stuff you need to know, when you need to know it.


Student clock [toy].

1 yellow plastic clock face with stand, red hour hand and numbers, blue minute hand and numbers ; 13 x 13 x 2 cm. in box.


Systematic training for effective parenting. [Kit]

1 poster, 10 charts, 2 discussion guide cards, 1 leader’s manual, 1 parent’s handbook, 9 posters in easel and 5 sound recordings (tape cassettes) in container (50x43x4 cm.)




Toy has yellow head with green tuft of hair, purple, yellow and green stripes ending in purple feet, purple nose and eyes.



Fire station dalmatian [game]

Practice counting, numeral recognition, addition and subtraction, and one-to-one correspondence while collecting Dalmatian spots on the way to the fire station! Also builds language and social skills as students read the game cards and play by the rules. Includes large game board, game cards, markers, Dalmatian spots, and directions. Up to 4 players. Supports NCTM standards. 1 game ; in box 21 x 21 x 8 cm.



Movement fun [kit] : activity box

Designed to develop balance, movement and strength in children in a fun, noncompetitive manner. 1 kit (50 cards, 1 stopwatch, page of information) : col. ; in box 25 x 17 x 9 cm.



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