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Virtual Explorations


"This site includes animal pictures, animal web cams, and a zoo and aquarium directory". http://www.exzooberance.com/


"An interactive directory to museums' collections, including art, science, history, zoos, archaeology and
aquariums, etc. Provides links to their educational, entertainment, archive and shopping features."


Museumstuff.com offers vast quantities of museum website's .. virtual exhibits, fun and games, museum shops, links for kids, and much more. Find thousands of museums though the "museum exploration zone."

Virtual Field Trips Site

"The Virtual Field Trips Web site is devoted to providing on-line field trips that take you to places that until now you could only dream about, and teach you things you might not otherwise learn"... specific focus field trips, subject matter experts, we tell a story, teacher resources." http://www.field-guides.com

Virtual Guidebooks

Visit the western side of North America through these pictures. Requires QuickTime. http://www.virtualguidebooks.com

Within These Walls

Explore the lives of 5 different families all of whom lived in the same Massachusetts' house at one time or another. Students will learn about the time periods that follow these families from 1757 to 1945 and have fun doing it. http://americanhistory.si.edu/house/

The WWW Virtual Library

The WWW Virtual Library provides key links to a variety of subject areas. http://vlib.org/

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