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Classroom Web Projects

Boomerang Box

Follow the Boomerang Box to learn about world trade, the people who use it, and the countries they live in. www.apl.com/boomerangbox/

Eduweb: Adventures

Design a space station, manage a watershed, dive into Bermuda's coral reef, and create a multimedia puppet. These are just a few of the projects at Eduweb. A must see! http://www.eduweb.com/portfolio/adventure.php

The Global Schoolhouse

Explore the new student created web projects! http://www.globalschoolhouse.org


KIDPROJ designs new projects every year for students to interact with their global peers. See if one is right for your students. http://www.kidlink.org/kidspace/start.php?HoldNode=614

The Creative Connections Project : Bring the World Right into Your Classroom

Students can explore the Amazon Rain Forest, Canadian Arctic, or East Africa by connecting with classrooms from these distant areas. www.ccph.com


ThinkQuest is a web page competition intended for high school or middle school students where they create a site devoted to a specific area. Great prizes! http://www.thinkquest.org


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