Mitra Emad, Ph.D
Mitra Emad is an interdisciplinary scholar, trained in Cultural Anthropology at Rice University, a program long identified with experimental styles of ethnographic writing and cultural critique of social institutions in response to a "crisis of representation" in the Euro-American social and human sciences.  Dr. Emad teaches and writes about cultural constructions of the human body, especially in terms of how the body functions as a site for cultural translation.   With a strong interest in engaged pedagogies, her work in the classroom is deeply tied with her research interests.  She has published articles about the American comic book, "Wonder Woman," about the web discussion forum "WITSENDO," and about cultural constructions of pain.  She is currently completing a book, Twirling the Needle: the Body as a Site for Cultural Translation in American Encounters with Acupuncture, to be published by SUNY Press.
Mitra Emad, Ph.d
Associate Professor
Umd Cultural Studies