Mitra C. Emad, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Coordinator
Cultural Studies Program
Department of Sociology/Anthropology
University of Minnesota Duluth
1123 University Dr.
Duluth, MN 55812

Reading Wonder Woman's Body: Mythologies of Gender & Nation
Published in The Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 39, #6, copyright 2006 Blackwell Publishing.


This image comes from DC Comics' special run comic book,"War of the Gods," Issue #1, September 1991. The comic superheroes represented here are Wonder Woman in the center with Shazam and Superman flanking her on either side. In this research project on oppositional mythologies in comic superhero representations, I am interested in the often conflicting messages that get inscribed on superheroes' -- especially female superheroes' -- bodies. In this example, the image of Wonder Woman represents her in full body armor -- a rare representation of her costume that leaves her almost unrecognizable to the "non-fan". Click on the link above to read my Journal of Popular Culture essay on mythologies of gender and nation in the Wonder Woman comic.


Famous American superheroes in international settings (thanks to Chris Pound for these links!):

Wonder Woman fighting AIDs in France

Spiderman in India