Math 5327 Linear Algebra Syllabus

This page will be updated throughout the semester.

Instructor: Marshall Hampton

Office: 172 SCC

Email: mhampton at (preferred contact method)

Telephone: 726-6329

Office hours: M 11-1, W: 11-2 and by appointment.

Class homepage:

Lecture Times: 10:00 A.M. - 10:50 A.M., M,W in BohH 343 and Fridays in BonH 346.

Textbook: Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra, by Carl D. Meyer. ISBN: 0898714540. Published by SIAM. Get the second printing, which corrects some typos in the first printing.

Topics: The official list of topics is: "Vector spaces over fields, subspaces, linear transformations, matrix representations, change of basis, inner-product spaces, singular value decomposition, eigenspaces, diagonalizability, annihilating polynomials, Jordan form." This corresponds roughly to chapters 1-7 in our text. Depending on the time available, some of these topics may be covered in more depth than others. If time permits, some additional topics may be covered, such as pseudospectra, the numerical range, numerical methods, and more abstract algebraic structures.

Exams: There will be one midterm and a final exam. The final exam is 4 - 5:55 pm, Tuesday, May 14th. Tentative midterm date: March 15th.
Practice midterm exam.
Practice midterm exam solutions.
Practice final exam.

Grading: You will have the opportunity to be evaluated in a variety of ways: assignments, exams, and a presentation (mini-lecture). The approximate weights of these components are: homework 25%, midterm 25%, final exam 40%, and presentation 10%. The lowest homework score will be dropped.

Mini-lecture/presentation: Each person must give a short (10-20 minutes) presentation of a proof, problem, or application of linear algebra at some point in the semester. Options for topics to be covered will be given in class and on the assignments.

Here are some miscellaneous ideas for topics to present.

Homework: Due Fridays at the start of class. Collaboration is encouraged, but you must write all solutions yourself, and cite any sources used. Late assignments will be not be accepted.

Assignment 1, due Friday, February 1st. Read Chapter 1. Do problems 1.2.5, 1.2.14, 1.3.1, 1.5.1., 1.5.7a.

Assignment 2, due 2/8.

Assignment 3, due 2/15.

Assignment 4, due 2/25 by 3 pm.

Assignment 5, due 3/6 by 3 pm.

Assignment 6, due 4/3 by 3 pm.

Assignment 7, due 4/17 by 3 pm.

Assignment 8, due 5/1 by 3 pm.

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