What is the ME & IE Club?

ME stands for 'Mechanical Engineering' and IE stands for 'Industrial Engineering'. We are two distinct student ran clubs at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Members participate in company tours, social events, design competitions, etc. The ME and IE Club is a great way for students to meet and get to know other engineering students in our department, as well as Professors. Company tours and guest speakers are a great way for you to network, and get your name out into industry! As a member, we ENCOURAGE you to participate in social events, fundraising events, and sign up for a committee. The club meets about once a month, and committees meet when necessary.


How do I Join?

To be an 'official' member of the ME Club, you need to be a member of ASME To be a member of the IE Club, you need to be a member of IIE. Click on the links, and fill out the membership application. We are also looking at creating a Facebook page to keep students updated on a regular basis. We also have another site setup through UMD at collegiatelink.net. By joining this, we are able to document how many members we have.


What are the benefits of joining?

Take free engineering tours
Participate in fun social events
Meet other engineering students
Listen to guest speakers
Get involved with state and national competitions
Subscription to Mechanical Engineering Magazine
Discount on ASME publicatoins
Great resume builder!
It's Fun!
Get to know your Professors