GEOL 5310

Advanced Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Syllabus (pfd)

Research Project (pdf)


Instructors:        Dr. John Goodge                                    Dr. Jim Miller
Office Hours:    Tues 9-10, Wed 11-12, or by appt.       Mon and Wed 3-5, or by appt.
Office:              223 Heller Hall                                       211 Heller Hall
Phone:              726-8486                                              726-6582 

Class Meeting Time/Location:
      Lecture:  12:00 - 1:50 PM,  Monday, Chem 207
      Lab: 12:00-1:50 PM, Wednesday, Heller Hall 118

Lecture and Lab Schedule (subject to change)



Introduction Sep 7 NO CLASS Sep 9 Introduction; Review of optical mineralogy (pwrpt) (lab exercise)

W 21 (+22) Spear Ch.4


Chemographic relations Sep 14 Intro to Metamophism; Phase rule; chemograhic plots; P-T & T-X diagrams; (Lec1A, Lec 1B) Sep 16 Mineral & textural change (Penokean suite) W 6.1-6.3 & 24
W 23 (lab)


Metamorphism of pelitic sediments Sep 21 Metapelite phase equilibria; pseudosections (Lec2A, Lec 2B)
Sep 23 Mineral and textural change (Penokean suite ± Fe-formations) W 28


Thermodynamics in petrology Sep 28

Thermo overview; Gibbs free energy; Clapeyron equation (Lec3)

Sep 30 Antarctic suite: pelites

W 5 (+6)


Metamorphic reactions Oct 5

Types of reactions; balancing;
petrogenetic grids

Oct 7 Antarctic suite: metabasites W 26


Thermobarometry Oct 12 Reaction equilibria; activity models; classical P-T (Lec5A, Lec5B)
Oct 14 Thermobarometry modeling W 27


High Pressure Metamorphism Oct 19 Exam 1 (take-home)

Oct 21

High-P metamorphic rocks

W 25


Magmatic phase equilibria Oct 26 Phase diagrams (ppt)
Exam 1 due
Oct 31 Local Field Trip (pdf)
W 6 & 7


Geochemistry of igneous rocks Nov 2 Geochemistry of igneous rocks, modelling trace elements (ppt) Nov 4 Plotting and interpreting geochemical data (pdf, txt)
Research topic statement due
W 8 & 9 


Generation of mafic magma Nov 9 Mantle melting, Generation of MORB and OIB (ppt)   Nov 11

Hawaii, Iceland, Columbia R Basalts (Exercise; petrog form; glossary, Ig Txt ppt) W 10, 13 (14)


Generation of felsic magma Nov 16 Arc magmatism, Origin of granite (ppt)

Nov 18

Japan Arc Volcanics,
Sierra Nevada Batholith (Exercise)
W 16 & 17


Magma diversity Nov 23 Using MELTS to model melting and crystallization (pdf) Nov 25 Bushveld Complex
Sonju Lake Intrusion
W 11


Mafic Layered Intrusions Nov 30 Petrology and Geochemistry of Mafic Layered Intrusions (ppt) Dec 2 Skaergaard Intrusion (pdf) W12


Geochemical Modelling (bring your laptops) Dec 7 Using PELE to model the Sonju Lake intrusion (ppt)
Take Home Exam (pdf, xls)
Dec 9 SERC website
Research project summary due
SERC website


Geochemical tools (bring your laptops) Dec 14 Microbeam techniques
Take Home Exam 2 (due)
Dec 16 Microbeam lab (cont.)
Finals Week
  Dec 21 Oral Presentations of Research Projects 4-6PM      

Useful Links
J. Winter Petrology Website (Whitman College)
Atlas of igneous and metamorphic rocks and textures in thin section (University of North Carolina)
Petrographic Workshop (UCLA interactive workshop)
Athena Mineralogy (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Minerals under the microscope - University of Bristol
Geochemistry of igneous rocks (Bernie Gunn)
Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM) (geochemical database)
GEOROC(geochemical database, Max Plank Institute)
Mineralogical Society of America
SERC website on analytical tools in geology (Carleton College)
SERC website on phase equilibria (Carleton College)
GTB (Geothermobarometry) programs (F. Spear)
MELTS igneous phase equilibria software (M. Ghiorso)
PELE (variant of MELTS) & other programs (A. Boudreau)
Perplex thermodynamic software (A. Thompson)
ThermoCalc thermodynamic software (Holland & Powell)
TWQ phase equilibrium software (R. Berman)