GEOL 5100

Seminar on the Geology, Petrology, and Mineralization of the Mafic Layered Intrusions, with special reference to the Duluth Complex

2015 Syllabus

Petrography Forms

Geology of the DC

GEOL 5100 - Weekly Class Topics

1/28 Terminology, Nomenclature, and Classification of MLI - Scoates PPT, Miller PPT  Irvine, 1982
 Miller et al., 2002a
2/4 Lithostratigraphy and  Petrology of MLI Wager & Brown, 1968
McCallum, 2003
2/11 Crystallization and Layering in MLI McBirney, 2005
Irvine et al., 1998
2/18 Magmatic Differentiation of Magmas in MLI Marsh, 2013
Latypov, 2014
2/25 Petrography of the Skaergaard Intrusion Petrography Rpt I

3/4 Petrography of the Bushveld Complex Petrography Rpt II

3/11 Cu-Ni-PGE Mineralization of MLI Naldrett, 2010

3/25 Geology and Ore Deposits of the MCR Miller & Nicholson, 2013

4/1 Geology of the Duluth Complex and Related Intrusions Miller & Green, 2002
Miller & Severson, 2002
4/8 Cu-Ni-PGE Mineralization of the Duluth Complex Miller et al., 2002b

4/15  Petrography of the Sonju Lake Intrusion  Petrography Rpt III

4/22  Petrography of the Layered Series at Duluth  Petrography Rpt IV

4/29 Intrusion Reports  
5/6 Intrusion Reports  
5/9 Field Trip on the Sonju Lake Intrusion  
5/10 Field Trip on the Layered Series at Duluth