Mineralogy 2311 - Fall 2006


59 Minerals in 59 Days

Lecture Notes

Schedule (pdf)

1. Introduction to Mineralogy (pdf or Powerpoint)

2. Crystal Chemistry I (Powerpoint)

3. Crystal Chemistry II (Powerpoint)

4. Crystal Chemistry III (Powerpoint)

5. Crystal Chemistry IV (Powerpoint)

Mineral Calculations Spreadsheet (Excel)

6. Crystal Chemistry V (Powerpoint)

7. Crystal Chemistry VI (Powerpoint)

Midterm Exam I key (pdf)

8. Crystallography I (Powerpoint)

422 symmetry (Illustrator)

9. Crystallography II (Powerpoint)

10. Crystallography III (Powerpoint)

11. Crystallography IV (Powerpoint)

12. Crystallography V (Powerpoint)

13. Crystallography VI (Powerpoint)

Crystallography Review Trivia Game (PPrnd1, PPrnd2, PPrnd3)

Midterm Exam II key (pdf)

14. Optical Mineralogy I (Powerpoint)

15. Optical Mineralogy II (Powerpoint)

16. Optical Mineralogy III (Powerpoint)

17. Systematic Mineralogy I (Powerpoint)

18. Systematic Mineralogy II (Powerpoint)

19. Systematic Mineralogy III (Powerpoint)

20. Systematic Mineralogy IV (Powerpoint)

21. Analytical Mineralogy (XRD) (Powerpoint)

Optical Mineralogy and Systematic Mineral Review Trivia (PPrnd1, PPrnd2, PPrnd3)

Final Exam - Key (pdf)

Lab Exercises

Schedule (pdf)

1. Overview/ Minerals in our Everday Lives (pdf)

2. 59 Minerals in 59 Days (pdf)

3/4. Physical Properties of Minerals (pdf)

Physical Properties Report Sheet (pdf)

5/6. Coordination and Atomic Structure (pdf)

7. Mineral Calculations (pdf)

8. Taconite Mine Visit

9/10. Crystal Symmetry (pdf)

11/12. Miller Indices & Stereographic Projections (pdf)

Lecture on Stereographic Projections (powerpoint)

13. Sterographic Projections - Hexagonal and Monoclinic Systems (pdf)

14. Symmetry of Plane Lattices (Tessellations) (pdf)

15. Refraction Index (pdf)

16. Other Optical Properties (pdf)

17. Optical Properties of Uniaxial Minerals (pdf)

18. Optical Properties of Biaxial Minerals (pdf)

19. Other Mineral Characterisitcs (pdf)

Optical Lab Quiz

20. X-ray Diffractometry (pdf)