GEOL 2312

Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Syllabus (pfd)


Instructors:        Jim Miller                                              Steve Hoaglund (TA)
Office Hours:    Tues and Thurs 12-1, or by appt.           Wed 1-2
Office:              211 Heller Hall                                       216 Heller Hall
Phone:              726-6582                                              726-7935

Class Meeting Time/Location:
      Lecture:  11:00 - 11:50 AM,  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Heller Hall 216
      Labs: 10:00-11:50 AM, Tuesday and Thursday, Heller Hall 118

Lecture and Lab Schedule (subject to change)

Lecture (Mon)
Lab (Tues)
Lecture (Wed)
Lab (Thurs)
Lecture (Fri)
Take Home Exercises
1/19   MLK Holiday 1/20  Course Overview, Microscope Review
1/21  Earth's  Physical & Chemical Structure (W-Ch. 1) (PwrPt) 1/23   Textures of Igneous Rocks
(W-Ch. 3) (PwrPt, pdf)
1/24   Classification of Igneous Rocks
(W-Ch. 2) (PwrPt)
1)Mineralogy & Chemistry of Ig Rx (pdf)
1/26   Field Occurences of Volcanic Ig Rx
(W-Ch. 4) (PwrPt)
1/27   Rocks of the Sonju Lake Intrusion  
(Petrog Form)
1/28  Intrusive Ig Rx / Intro to Sonju L Intr (W-Ch. 4) (PwrPt) 1/29 Sonju Lake Intr- Petrography/Mineral Chemistry (Petrog pdf) (Alteration Pwrpt)

1/30  Quiz (key)
Introduction to Excel

2/2 Thermodynamics
(W-Ch. 5) (PwrPt)
2/3 Sonju Lake Intr- Petrography/Mineral Chemistry 2/4   Phase Diagrams: 1- & 2-Component Systems (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 6)
2/5 Sonju Lake Intr- Petrography/Mineral Chemistry 2/6  Phase Diagrams: 2-Component Systems (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 6)
2) Phun with Phase Diagrams (pdf)
2/9   Phase Diagrams: 3-Component Systems (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 7)
2/10 Sonju Lake Intr-Petrography/Mineral Chemistry 2/11 Chemistry of Igneous Rocks (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 8&9)
2/12 Working with Geochemical Data using Excel and IgPet (W-Ch. 8, Appendix) 2/13  Quiz (key) 
2/16  Generation of Mafic Magma (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 10)
2/17 M & M Magma Chamber (pdf, Xcel) 2/18  Diversity of Magmas (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 11)
2/19 M & M Magma Chamber 2/20 Layered Mafic Intrusions (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 12)
3) Modelling Fractional Xtallization (pdf ,Excel)
2/23 MORB and OIB Volcanism (PwrPt)
(W-Chs. 13 & 14)
2/24 Skaergaard Intrusion (pdf) 2/25 Continental Flood Basalts (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 15)
2/26 North Shore Volcanics, Hawaii and Iceland Volcanics (pdf) 2/27 Quiz (key)
3/2 Island Arc Magmatism (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 16)
3/3 Japan Arc Volcanics (ES) 3/4  Continental Arc Magmatism (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 17)
3/5 Idaho Volcanic Suite (pdf) 3/6 Petrology of Granitic Rx (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 18)
3/9 Alkaline Magmatism (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 19)
3/10 Sierra Nevada Batholith (pdf) 3/11 Anorthosites (PwrPt) (W-Ch. 20) 3/12 Anorthositic Rocks of the Duluth Complex (Ex Credit) 3/13 Quiz (key)
3/16 -3/20  SPRING BREAK
3/23 Intro to Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks (PwrPt) (W-Ch. 21) 3/24 Metamorphic Rocks in Hand Sample (pdf) (W-Ch. 22) 3/25 Textures of Contact & Highly Sheared Meta-Rocks (PwrPt) (W-Ch. 23) 3/26 Metamorphic Rocks in Hand Sample 3/27 Textures of Regionally Meta-Rocks (PwrPt) (W-Ch. 23)
3/30 Stable Metamorphic Mineral Assemblages (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 24)
3/31 Metamorphic Rocks in Thin Section (pdf) 4/1 Metamorphic Facies (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 25)
4/2 Metamorphic Rocks in Thin Section 4/3 Quiz (key) 4) Chemographic Diagrams (pdf)
4/6 Metamorphic Reactions I (PwrPt) (W-Ch. 26) 4/7  High Pressure Metamorphic Rx (pdf) 4/8 Metamorphic Reactions II (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 26)
4/9 High Pressure Metamorphic Rocks 4/10 Metamophism of Pelitic Rocks (PwrPt)
(W-Ch. 28)

4/13 Metamorphism of Calcareous and Ultramafic Rocks (PwrPt) (W-Ch. 29) 4/14 Interpretation of Metamorphic Terranes (pdf) 4/15 No Class 

4/16 Interpretation of Metamorphic Terranes

4/17 Quiz (Chs. 26, 28, 29) and Past Quizzes 5) Metamorphic Reactions (pdf)
4/20 SLI Project 4/21 SLI Project 4/22  SLI Project 4/23 SLI Project 4/24 NO CLASS
4/27  SLI Project 4/28 SLI Project 4/29 Precambrian Geology of Northern Michigan 4/30 Igneous and Metamorphic Rx of Northern Michigan


Leave for FT - 3PM 

5/2 - 5/3 Field Trip : Upper Michigan

May 4-8
NO CLASS - Work on Sonju Lake Final Report /Institute on Lake Superior Geology mtg, Ely, MN
Report Due Tuesday, May 12

Sonju Lake Final Report Instructions (pdf)
Sample Location Maps: Northern Traverse, Southern Traverse

SLI Worksheets (Excel)

Sonju Lake Intrusion Articles
Miller and Ripley (1996) Layered Intrusions of the Duluth Complex, in Layered Intrusions, Grant Cawthorn (ed.), Elsevier
Miller and Chandler (1997) Geology of the Beaver Bay Complex, GSA Sp. Paper 312
Miller (1999) PGE mineralization in the Sonju Lake Intrusion, MGS IC-44
Miller et al (2002) Geology of the Duluth Complex and related rocks, MGS RI-58 (see chapter 7)
Miller et al. (1993) Bedrock Geologic Map of the Finland and Doyle Lake quadrangles, Lake Co, MN, MGS Misc Map 72

Sonju Lake Related Figures
General Geology of NE MN (jpeg)
Geology of the Southern Beaver Bay Complex (jpeg)
Geology of the Sonju Lake Intrusion (jpeg)
SLI Modal and MinChem stratigraphic variaiton (jpeg)
SLI Cryptic Var (Fo, En, An) B&W) (jpeg)
SLI-Skgd comparision (jpeg)
NSVG AFM (jpeg)
Mafic Rock Classification (jpeg)

Useful Links
J. Winter Petrology Website (Whitman College)
Atlas of igneous and metamorphic rocks and textures in thin section (University of North Carolina)
Petrographic Workshop (UCLA interactive workshop)
Athena Mineralogy (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Minerals under the microscope - University of Bristol
Geochemistry of igneous rocks (Bernie Gunn)
Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM) (geochemical database)