Language and Culture: Anth 4628

Syllabus Spring 2007

Time: 2:30 to 3:45 Tuesday and Thursday


Language and Culture is an upper division seminar combining Anthropology and Linguistics. As a seminar, it will concentrate on readings, class discussions, individual research and presentation of research. It will begin by examining trends in linguistic anthropology from the traditional view of what constitutes anthropological linguistics and then examine some of the new findings of the new findings involving cultural metaphors and cognitive linguistics.

Instructor: Michael D. Linn, Professor of Linguistics, Anthropology and Composition

Office: 435 Humanities

Office Hours: 10:00 to 11:00 Tues and Thurs and by appointment.

How to get in touch with me. Use email: ml You may call me at home before 22:00 at 728-2245, or at the office (726-8528).

Textbook: Salzman, Zdnek. Language, Culture and Society, 4th ed., Boulder, Colorado: Westview. 2006.


Class attendance is expected, as is class participation which counts for 10% of your grade. It is particularly important to come to student presentations. Each student will present his research on a topic involved with language and culture. The printed paper will be due at the beginning of the last regular class period. In addition there will be a midterm and a final examination. Each student will also turn in three written interviews with foreign students. The research paper and presentation will be 60% of the grade, the midterm 10% of the grade and the final examination 20% of the grade. The interviews will be part of the class participation grade. All work must be turned in by the last day of class, May 3rd.

Class Participation 10%
Midterm Examination 10%
Final Examination 20%
Research Paper and Presentation 60%
Total 100%


Tentative Day to Day Assignments. These are tentative because undoubtedly, some areas will need more discussion than others so we will spend more time on those and less time on others.


The supplementary exercises at the end of the chapters should be examined, but unless assigned, do not need to written.

Jan 16 Introduction & Video: Human Language Series Part 1 (vc 2445)
  18 Chapters 1 and 2 and questions at the end of Chapter 2.
  23 Video Human Language Series part 2 and
  25 Chapter 3, Whorf/Sapir and questions at end
  30 Continue on Chapter 3 and handout
Feb 01

Finish up on language and thought

  06 Chapter 4 Phonology
  08 Continue on Phonology will work on problems at the end of the chapter
  13 Chapter 5, Morphology

Continue of Chapter 5 and work problems at the end of the book

  20 Go over problems on the handout
  22 Start chapter 8
  27 Continue on Chapter 8
March 01 Chapter 9

Continue on Chapter 9. Pay particular attention to speech and gender. Think about what you feel is the effect of gender restriction.

  08 View film "You Just don't understand" by Deborah Tannen and turn in rough draft of research project
  13 Spring Break
  15 Spring Break
  20 Class view Video "American Tongues (Professor at Oxford Round Table)
  22 Midterm Examination (Professor at Oxford Round Table)
  27 Handout on Cultural Metaphors Lakoff's Cognitive Grammar
  29 Handout on Cultural Metaphors Lakoff's Cognitive Grammar


Handout on Cultural Metaphors Lakoff's Cognitive Grammar

Answer questions and finish cultural metaphors and whatever topics still

need to be covered


Windup this part of the course and prepare for oral reports

  12 Oral Reports : Robert Sand, Robert Rinehart
  17 Oral Reports :Henry Pollan, Jeremy Roettger, Pat Bowen
  19 Oral Reports : Kahe McKenzie, Ian Schmitt, Amanda Nolan
  24 Oral Reports : Adam Hughley, Drew Tollelson, Emily Veshin , Brian Nelson
  26 Oral Reports : David Felkey, Andrea Lee, Kaylee Olson
May 01 Oral Reports: Karen Ahl, Jessica Olson, Michael Noonan
  03 Last Day of Classes. Term papers and interviews due. Summarize and finish up the course

Final Examination, Wednesday, May 9 from 4:00 until 5:55