Letter Grades
This course operates on a point-based grading scale. You may wish to convert the numerical grade you receive on coursework to the letter grade system for your own benefit. To do so, calculate the percent of possible points that were earned, and consult the chart below (which reflects the official UMD grading scale):
UMD does not have grades of A+ 93%-100% = A 90%-92% = A-
87%-89% = B+ 83%-86% = B 80%-82% = B-
77%-79% = C+ 73%-76% = C 70%-72% = C-
67%-69% = D+ 60-66% = D UMD does not have grades of D-
Below 60 = F
Notes on eGradebook
eGradebook automatically calculates your total course grade on the basis of the above scale, but it only factors in the assignments that have been graded to date. If an assignment you turned in is not appearing in your eGradebook report, it is because those assignments have not yet been graded. If eGradebook shows a score of zero for an assignment which has been handed back with a non-zero grade, that is the instructor's error, not eGradebook's, and you should contact your instructor.
Overall Grading Criteria
A = Full mastery, versatility, originality, and intellectualism. No serious flaws.
B = Mastery of fundamentals. Very few serious flaws.
C = Acceptable but not outstanding. Some flaws may persist.
D = Minimal competence; some satisfactory elements. Many errors in fundamentals.
F = Unsatisfactory; serious flaws in many areas.