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Course Objectives: To have an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of normal swallowing, the different types of swallowing disorders, the nutritional management of dysphagic patients. To become proficient in interpreting videofluoroscopic assessments and administering clinical treatment procedures.

Required Text: Logemann, J. Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders, Austin, Pro-Ed, 1998.

Additional Readings for Dysphagia

  • Groher, M. E. (1990). Ethical dilemmas in providing nutrition. Dysphagia, 5: 102-109
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Pediatric dysphagia:

  • Development of Oral - Motor Skills in the Neurologically Impaired Child Receiving Non-Oral Feedings by Suzanne Evans Morris: Dysphagia 3:135-154 (1989)
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Development of Feeding by Joan Arvedson and Maureen Lefton-Greif. Seminars in Speech and Language Volume 17, Number 4 November 1996
  • Dysphagia in Pediatric Patients with Neurological Damage by Joan Arvedson. Seminars in Neurology Volume 16 Number 4 December 1996.


Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, which might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to inform the instructor at the start of the quarter. Adaptation of methods, materials, or testing may be made as required to provide for equitable participation.


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